Friday, May 2, 2008

bright, top secret, waterproof, little cat ideas

initially, i thought it would be fun/funny to show you this idea from british designer, hector serrano. it's clearly inspired by some, single guy's man cave dwelling:
"the clothes hanger lamp"
scene: guy#1: 'bra' check out my shirt from last night thrown on my lava lamp' guy #2: (holding channel changer in one hand, schlitz in the other. watching espn) 'uh. ya' guy#1: 'no dude, seriously, i could make a total killing off of this idea. :"shirt as lampshade". it's genius, no I'M genious, bra!"
and so it was born. the lamp shirt lampshade.
grab a shirt and glow
grab two shirts for more voila! they sort of look like sad little bowler ghosts.
oh...but then, i had to go and check out hector's website. and i have to tell you, this guy has more weird and wonderful, dr suessian ideas up his, well lit sleeve. check it:
'the superpatata' squeeze it, sqoosh it, and the light dims and brightens at the pressure of your hand. or use it as a gentle little potato pillow while it warms your bed.
"top secret" shredded acetate creating amorphic-ish, moth egg-sac shapes. total top-secret, roswellian stuff.
i don't really understand how this works, but according to the website, once these are thrown into the water, they light up. and then bob around while you and your friends enjoy fun summer evening drinks by the pool. 'ursula was making fun of violeta and did not know why until she drank from her cup and saw she was a little cat' that description is just funny~in that language barrier sort of way (kind of like descriptions on japanese candy packaging)
check out this guy's site for more. or buy the shirt as lampshade *here*


Sweet Repose said...

This stuff is just too good, love the shirt lamp, what a concept...this guy is good. Really like your blog, have you the bee hives, used to raise bees.

beachbungalow8 said...

thanks sharon! you were a bee keeper? so you'd say 'good touch' on those.

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