Tuesday, May 6, 2008

florence knoll executive desk - the price is right?

my father (an architect) recently decided to unload some of his massive collection of mid-century furniture. he's using a reputable auction house in nyc to do the dirty work. however, the other day he was offered $1,200.00 from a prospective buyer for this (not the actual table)
does that seem like someone (not my dad) is getting a dealio
the details:
Knoll Executive Table Desk, #2485
Matched grain wood
bought in 60's for $4697
4 pencil drawers, 2 on each side
central chrome pedestal feet
label on bottom
72"d 27"w 28 3/8" h


Mrs. Blandings said...

Too bad there's not room in the bungalow.

Pigtown-Design said...

i say let it go to auction. that way, he will know that he got fair market value for it. i would think that $1200 seems low.

Anonymous said...

OMG, that price is a total deal. are you offering it for sale?

Anonymous said...

WAY underpriced...esp in New York. Try Architonic or Wright Auction House in Chicago for pricing.

Test said...

I was just looking at your posting from 2008. I have the same desk that I would like to sell and I am wondering if your dad ever sold it, and for how much.

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