Monday, May 12, 2008

life lessons from sex and the city

lately, much has been written about the upcoming release of the 'sex and the city' movie. i, too, spent many a sunday evening, dinner plate in lap, surrounded by friends, watching carrie and her cronies, toddle through life in nyc on their stilettos.
thinking back to those times, i realize not only was it good t.v. but it also taught me a thing or two (or 16) about life.
1. being a free-lance writer in nyc pays enough to afford an upper east side apartment, and 50 thousand dollars in shoes a year.
2. no matter how ridiculous the outfit, it's all about 'owning' it.
3. hair and skin color should never compete.
4. post it notes are not the best way to break up
5. marlboro lights and coffee, apparently, do a body good
6. cosmos (the cocktail not the flower) look a lot better than they taste
7. the ecclesiastical order of shoes: saint jimmy, saint manolo, our lady of prada & the holy infant of prada, miu miu 8. wearing a flower the size of your head...looks like you're wearing a flower the size of your head.
9. the candy striper, belt on bare belly, swiss miss best worn when you're a character on an hbo hit. (this is when the 'owning' thing comes in handy)
10. ending a statement with a question, makes everything you say sound lofty and introspective.
11. old, russian painters are not to be trusted
12. people in nyc, don't work. they brunch, lunch and meet for drinks
13. there are only 4 types of women in this world, 'a carrie', 'a miranda', 'a samantha' and 'a charlotte'
14. when your society marriage goes south, marry your divorce lawyer
15. in a pinch, toilet paper can double as coffee filter.
16. at the end of the's just you and your mac. can't wait for the movie version.


jozette said...

Amazing post - so fun to read. And all so true.

JanelleGrace said...

I really can't stand Sex & The City. And I feel like I am the only girl who feels this way sometimes.

Argh! (But the list was funny!)

Leslie (miss havisham) said...

Don't forget:

-simply being a woman in new york will get you invited to every restaurant, club, and art opening no matter how VIP

-sleeping with 65 men by the time you are 35 is just slightly below average

-if you can't really figure out what it is...either wear it on your lapel or on top of your head whether it be a duck, a carnivorous plant, or what have you.

-It's totally normal to spend 90% of your life obsessing over your own love life

Elements of Style said...

I was at the movies this weekend and the SATC preview came on and there was this huge gasp followed by cheers from every woman in the theatre! My husband was amazed- he was like "it's like a cult!". My dear honey, it is. And I for one, will wait in line and sit on the floor if I have to on opening night (with contraband thermos of cosmos in purse). Only for those 4 ladies... :)

Jessie said...

These were great! I can't wait for the movie either... I'm embarrassed to think of how many hours my college roommates and I spent going through the entire set of DVDs, and to think that I still get excited when I catch the reruns on TBS!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I keep reading that the girls are all grown up now. Adults. I'm not sure SJP understands her target audience.

beachbungalow8 said...

love those additional isms.

who is the target audience do you suppose? it's hard to say. i think those of us who are actually SJPs age, are entertained by the show, and see the theatrical humor. then i think there's a younger set who, seem to more or less, hold this as a standard of how to be 30 something.

to whom i will give this sisterly warning: 3 cosmos in one night, while smoking....will preclude, any next day shopping, brunching or any other productive activity that doesn't include sleeping all day.

~M said...

Love it. Looking forward to the movie. Except who was the Russian painter? I thought Petrovsky worked with lightbulbs?

Mina said...

Love, love, love this blog!! I'm a huge S&C fan! It seems like everytime I am in an odd situation of some sort I always think back to a S&C episode! Ha! Love it!

beachbungalow8 said...

oh you're probably right, he probably wasn't a painter. painter, light bulb artist, ya know, whatever.

Cote de Texas said...


hey - will you get rid of that spam number thing on your comment section? such a frigging hassle. go to settings and delete.

grac i ass.

beachbungalow8 said...

whatever joni wants, joni gets.

i didn't realize it was on!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to watch a series where the characters weren't in their early twenties. It was also refreshing to see them get hit with a cream pie, as Michael Patrick King would say. Things didn't always work out perfectly for the girls, well- except for their outfits, shoes, apartments, and the ability to dine out in NYC as frequently as they did.

Pigtown-Design said...

Did you see the hat SJP wore to the premire in London? I know it's a Philip Treacy, but it was HIDEOUS!!!

beachbungalow8 said...

HORRIBLE. it looked like a stalk of brussels sprouts.

Anonymous said...

Something I learned from SATC...
Starting every sentence with an internal voiceover, "and I had to wonder..." pretty much is the best segueway ever.

Living the Happily Ever After said...

I LOVE this post1 It made my day :)


fun post! I still love her 5 horse shoe necklaces

The Lil Bee said...

...and her Carrie nameplate. Oh how I wanted one of my very own.

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