Tuesday, May 6, 2008

mama love

don't forget kids.....mother's day is THIS sunday.
some of my personal picks (for pretend world or the real deal): great art is always a welcome gift.
i love the work of german photographer, uta barth. so serene. everyday images, pulled out of focus, create indistinguishable shapes and graphics.
michelle caplan always creates, wonderful collage portraits. this is such a lovely personal gift. she takes custom orders as well.
elsita mora pieces are charmingly sweet and beautiful. how happy would this make your mama bird?
maybe your mom is one of my peeps. a few of my personal picks....
little crown, bronze stone, flat thong, pearl earrings, agate cabochon necklace
i love this, sf based, chocolatier's confections. (really, who doesn't want a little box of gourmet chocolate) coco-luxe bundle of love
i just want a reason to give this to someone. by droog, the shady lace umbrella.
like sitting on a forest floor, dappled light whenever you want it.
or you can always just stick to the written word (which i promise you, your mother will hang on to, place next to her bed and read every night, making the world all better and truth be told, 'roses are rad') ....
charlotte, age 5


Bertie said...

Charlotte note is heartbreakingly sweet.

katiedid said...

Sandals, necklace, earings....I'm set. Love your picks!

SGM said...

Roses ARE rad! :)
Well said, Charlotte!

Jessie said...

GAH! I'm way behind on this... thanks for the ideas!!!

coco+kelley said...

roses are rad... i LOVE that! perhaps i'll write my mom a note with my left hand and lots of spelling errors... not quite the same when you're 27 as when you were 7, though...

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