Wednesday, May 14, 2008

my oldest and dearest: featured on sfgirlbybay

if you haven't made the daily stop to sfgirlbybay, please do so right now. my oldest and dearest friend (who's more like family) analisa payne is featured as the 'unexpected guest' today.
analisa and i have known each other for *gulp* 32 years. with each and every place she's lived, her design sense has always inspired. (i usually spend the first 10 minutes in her home, examining everything that she's done) she's a master at vignettes, color and clean simplicity with a charming twist. analisa's just purchased her first house and i think it may be her best work yet.....

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katiedid said...

So very cool that you have this friend in common! She like the sort who would gather fun and interesting friends.

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