Friday, May 16, 2008

the ruffle (swag) bag

when i first saw these bags, while flipping through a magazine (i think it was blueprint actually. remember them?) i couldn't figure out if they were a great little summer dress, a petticoat, or what... exactly. and of course, blueprint had all of that crazy-ass font stuff going on, so i couldn't read the description without feeling car sick. no matter. i loved them. dog-eared the page. so feminine and witty. so many uses..... a flouncy, summery beach bag. when funds are scarce, cut some leg holes and step in to it handles become straps, voila! bag lady dress. or, as i picture it, hanging on a a crystal doorknob, in a very girly dressing room. the perfect laundry bag.
(and here's your bro deal: the beautiful interior shop 'rianrae' is offering this as a a freebie when you purchase $200.00 or more from her. the offer lasts through 5/21, so pick up something from her fabulous shop and get your swag bag...asap)

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