Monday, June 23, 2008

do your drapes match the carpet?

a room without window treatment, is like a face without eyebrows.
it not only frames the 'eyes' of the room, it also finishes and brings continuity to the entire look.
but it rarely comes cheap. i love it when a great textile design line, like 'dwellstudio' teams up with a ready made service like the shade store. check it: i swear, this should be target's next project~ bringing designer fabrics to the masses in a few, basic choices. can you imagine, scalamandre for target?


Dianne said...

Scalamandre for Target. Wouldn't that be too good to be true? Heaven for sure! And...longer lengths. Why don't they get it? Draperies,ready-made like custom, need to be longer than 84 inches. Is there someone you can tell? Do you have contacts?

girl meets glamour said...

ha, ha...perfect title!! Thanks for the new resource too :)


The Lil Bee said...

I love those icons...that is so cool!! Your idea is great, too... I agree completely :)

Decorno said...

Are you going to think less of me when I confess:

I hate curtains.

Cote de Texas said...

only you would use that as a title! and yes - my drapes do match my carpet. haha

beachbungalow8 said...

of course you hate curtains decorno! but thank god we all don't agree.

and,joni...thanks so much for clearing that up

Ann said...

Nice analogy about windows and faces.

Ahh ... window treatments of my guilty pleasures. Loved spending on them. And yes they are quite expensive.

driftwood shack said...

Love curtains, hate carpets but what can you do? Not sure what Target is either- sorry England can be very far away sometimes from er... blogland?

Anonymous said...

that would be any designer's nightmare. designer fabric available to the public?!

beachbungalow8 said...

dumbed down 'designer fabrics'. the interior design version of what they've been doing with fashions.

Fifi Flowers said...

target, IKEA, bed, bath & beyond, pier one all have a pretty good variety of drapery panels... granted they are not Scalamandre.

I used to dislike drapery... until I started working with a fabulous drapery maker for my clients... I became a fan!

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