Monday, June 2, 2008

Dwell on Design

if magazines were people, dwell would be that urban, design savvy, environmentally hip 'doer' guy/gal. slightly intimidating but so hard not to crush-out on. i love everything about this magazine from its beautiful 'hand' (i have yet to feel another magazine like this one) to its constant stream of inspiring designers. if you're in the los angeles area this weekend you won't want to miss, the dwell on design conference and exhibition.
and because you're fierce, fabulous and reading this post, you can get 20% off A FREE TICKET to the exhibition (use this code BDODEC) and $50 dollars off of the conference price (use this code GRP22SP)
June 5-6 more than 50 incredibly talented and diverse speakers ranging from legislators to practitioners to activists, discussing everything form urban gardening to a mandated LEED program for LA.
June 6 -7 the exhibition is comprised of more than 200 exhibitors and an entire neighborhood of full-scale, pre-fab, sustainable structures completely landscaped and furnished by Dwell.
take a moment and check out this inspirational video on 2 of dwell's featured designers, fritz haeg and michelle kaufman


Courtney said...

Send them to Houston afterwards! I want to attend.

And if they don't want to head South in his unbearable heat, just take lots of good notes and pic for all of us out in Bloggerville.

annabelle said...

Oh, I completely agree about the slightly intimidating but so easy to have a crush on. Kind if like the architects up in the studio when i was in grad school for urban planning. trying to be like them....but not quite!

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