Thursday, June 5, 2008

the headboard wardrobe

seriously brilliant idea that i wish i could say i invented (domino june/july '08) for those of us who can't leave well enough alone or have a thing for textiles. the inter-changeable headboard.... start with a great basic, angular headboard (this, mandalay headboard from ~not known for their great prices-but you get the idea)i'm you could find something similar for much less. even a slipped covered, solid colored headboard would work well. then your ever changing headboard awaits you. a flat weave cotton rug would work the best. the possibilities are absolutely endless.
thomas paul rugs (*here*) one of the choice things about this idea, is that you needn't spend a lot to get a great look. (i'd probably sew two of this together, for wider coverage) ikea's summer rug collection from urban outfitters madeline weinrib
a persian rug, can be flat enough to work. i love this idea on the sea grass headboard. it evokes the feel of persian area rugs on sisal. (i'd be a tad nervous about the smell on this one....but that's just me)
persian rug found on ebay


Tracey said...

Saw it last night, browsing through my Domino. I use an antique quilt (its in yellows) in the summer to switch out my headboard- charcoal gray normally. I love changing things seasonally, then you never tire of one item.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Is this what your new headboard will look like? I am still longing for the old white bed.LOL

beachbungalow8 said...

anon...:( i'm sad too! i loved that headboard. i miss that headboard...but this gives me new hope! if i get bored with my new one, throw a rug on it!

tracey, love that idea too! i think there are some amazing antique throws and fabrics out there that would be beautiful.

katiedid said...

I honed on this article right away too....well...because I have those same headboards: the seagrass one in my daughter's room and the white slipcovered one in a guest room. They both need a little something. I thought this idea was great!

curlytop said...

Where is the yellow, flowered quilt from? I love it!

Anonymous said...

For the white pillows having a border blue stripe fabric, on the seagrass headboard image, what fabric is this? Great pairing! Thanks

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