Wednesday, June 18, 2008

please, come to the locker room

loving the look of wire baskets to hold treasures or even a few extra rolls of the t.p. my favorite are the ones with the numbers (reminds me of summers at the club) thanks, allison, for letting me come in and crawl around your little bungalow, snapping shots. {girlfriend knows how to shop the flea markets} so good with the flea finds, she is. a self proclaimed, 'wire basket junkie' she uses them everywhere. and i likey.


Jessicas Follie said...

SO love these! Would love them in my library.. which is the room by the door that collects backpacks, coats, gym bags - all of the "out the door" stuff. Currently it all sits on a 14 foot church bench as I can't bring myself to buy baskets.. so tired of them.

Perfect for my house of boys. thanks for sharing.

Barb McMahon said...

Those are so cool!

I don't see a lot of old locker baskets where I live, but old freezer baskets work well, too. And are easier to find!

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