Monday, July 21, 2008

{illustrator fave} ~ crystal kluge

when your name sounds like that lovely, bubbly liquid, perfect for toasting, you're bound to become the creator of playful, lyrical art work. kluge, is one of my long time, bookmarked, illustrators. when not busy producing work for major advertising clients and national magazines; kluge is a go-to for brides to be as well as new parents.
i love the perfection in her 'imperfect' work using watercolor, pen and ink.
the feel of her work is always joyful. her fonts {which can be purchased and downloaded through a link on her site} are great to have around next time your called upon to create a cute something, something {officially, giving the world no more excuses to use that 'chalkboard' font} more, more, more..... *here*


Visual Vamp said...

Just lovely stuff - wish I could hold it in my hands. It's my birthday today and I am treating myself by reading my favorite blogs...

Beth said...

What beautiful work. I hadn't heard of her before and am so glad that I have now.

Monika Dubska said...

waw great stuff :D
nice blog too!!

Hope to hear from you!
Take care,
Monika ♥

Style Court said...

Love her work. Thanks for the intro Megan.

franki durbin said...

what a sweet little resource!

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