Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the selby in your place

i've been a fan of photographer, todd selby for awhile and was recently alerted to his website~ the selby in your place. it's an incredible site with great photos, shot of creatives in their homes and work spaces.
so hard to choose a favorite. but i do so love creative director, ryan koban's super cool pad.
i think this seals it for me on the charcoal galley kitchen with white cabintery and blue willow china. i need a small room in my house to be just like this and the home of artist, adam wallacavage is just outstanding. baroque meets natural history museum meets hotel new hampshire. go check it out {but come back here}
no, in YOUR PLACE: i emailed todd after learning that he was 'scouting' places to shoot in L.A. and, um, i sort of sent him shots of my place. you know how you do something without much thought and then go, ''GOD, why did i DO that?'
can you imagine? i'm so not of this ilk. not rock n' rolly AT ALL. WAY too safe. but i was sort of all desporado~fan, lurker like hoping he'd go, "hell ya. we'll do some bizarro, suburbia beach thing". he was very kind and generous with his rejection. and now not only do i love his work... i think he's aces as well.


Project Ecoart said...

Amazing design...I especially love the charcoal kitchen and the blue willow china too.

Caitlin said...

i would never think to put a mirror in the kitchen, but i definitely want to now!

Camilla said...

I want an excuse to paint a kitchen charcoal - looks fantastic!

kay* said...

oh my gosh i love his place! i'm obsessed with painting a room or wall black and will as soon as i move into my own apartment...can't wait! these photos are definitely going into my inspiration file!

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