Tuesday, August 5, 2008

coleen & company

GOD. at times, i just love l.a. i know, every city has it's great young design community...but i gotta just say, ours just slays {no, i know, trust me....yours does too} i don't know if 'the industry' brings it, or the general sunny carefree attitude fosters it. but once again, this town has managed to lure, yet another, fresh hip designer who has taken her amazing style and ingenuity, to create a showroom that fits perfectly into the up and coming design mecca of culver city.
coleen & co has recently opened its doors, july 19th, to resoundingly rave reviews. {that's coleen rider's super cool and nice, musician husband, travis}
if you're this good? you don't need to be a chump for the high rents found a few miles north/west. build it and they will come.owner and designer, rider saw potential in this old auto body shop and got to work creating an airy salon of furnishing, vintage art and all things i want...now.
rider's mix of chinoiserie, funky 70s vintage, and pieces that appear to be of patrician euro lineage, create a definite environment that feels anything but 'last tuesday'
i love the feel of this gazebo, bamboo piece. it sings of a light filled 'conservatory' rider also carries a number of these beautifully hand painted wall panels. every where you turn there's a beautiful vignette. and of course, i snuck up the stairs and had a peek at her inspiration board { i love seeing what inspires people} coleen & co has you covered, indoors and out. this dearly beloved piece beats any chimenea i've seen haunting the corners along la cienega. sunny, gorgeous chinese chippendale. place any of these pieces on your, now, patio and you'll instantly elevate the plot to 'terrace' status.amazing. i love a good slab of marble. genius. paired with a chippy parisian cafe chair. {noting that design should always have a touch of 'impish grin' to it}
many of her pieces are custom designed and exclusively available in her showroom. check this out, these ottomans are cast in stone. "hello, my name is rhoda"
{say hi to the cutest dog ever}
this piece is going to get so much press {i think it probably has already} what a fantastic addition to any yard.
if you're lucky enough to live here or just visiting {culver city is close the LAX} stop by for a visit. the coleen & company showroom will surely inspire and captivate you.and if you just can't live without those blue cavalier dogs or any of the other lovlies....EVERYTHING is available and ready to ship to the comfort of your home.
check her, ever changing, website out here
coleen & company
5939 rodeo street
los angeles, california 90016
M-F 10:00-4:30
Saturday 11:00-4:00


Emily said...

What a fun showroom!!

Dianne said...

I am sooooo jealous! That place is amazing. Coastal N.C. has nothing like that. We have to hunt for all treasures. Let the games begin. :)

Pigtown-Design said...

What a great looking store! She's got a good eye!

Olivia said...

Newport Beach's loss is LA's gain! While I will miss being only 5 minutes from all of Coleen's cool finds, it will definitely be worth the drive to visit her new space. I only have two pieces from her old store, but there were tons of other items I would have purchased if I could have. She really seems to have edited her collection to the best and most beautiful, and I always love perusing her showroom. Can't wait to visit the new spot! Yay for Coleen!

Homer's Odd Isn't He. said...

A Huge Fan. I wish much success

Visual Vamp said...

Holy Cow! What a great shopping trip you took me on! I love Rhoda! And those stone stools - genius!

Nancy said...

OOOh. I am jealous, too! I love the bamboo bed. What a great store!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I have got to get to LA. Fab.

katiedid said...

Sigh....do you think the even cheaper rents in Sacramento could lure her up here? No?Kay....I will just have to make the trek. Absolutely wonderful!

beachbungalow8 said...

i'm telling you all...we need to do a weekend blog conference. all of us meeting in l.a. for some moderate temperatures, great showroom perusals and a few fun dinners.

katie~ maybe YOU should think of doing something like this! build it and they will come!

Cote de Texas said...

I love her style - those chino papers or prints or whatever they are are wonderful!!!!

I want to go too!!!

SimplyGrove said...

Looks like a great showroom! I'm loving the bamboo piece!!!

...love Maegan said...

i love the bamboo day bed. i'll have to check out that store asap

S.HOPtalk said...

oh my...one of everything please.

this vignette said...

That ottoman is freakin awesome. I wish I had that by-the-Viceroy-pool decor instead of a yard that is a wasteland.

Style Court said...

Megan -- this is great. I'm already a Coleen fan but what a treat to see her inspiration board and these extra views.

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