gray area

my current fixation: the deep, charcoal wall accessorized with pops of color. not a novel idea just something that's been rolling around in my cluttered head.
i think it started with this shot of, designer, ruthie sommer's kitchen in the first issue of domino {spring/summer '05}:
i love the fact that a dark color/hue can actually open up a small space {especially so, when the color is allowed to travel on to the ceiling}
{above photo credit: todd selby}
creating, an easily achievable, graphic punch to an otherwise overlooked space.
kind of like throwing a great, pin striped jacket over a pair of crapped~up jeans and t shirt. {in really good way}
{above photo credit:marie claire french }
of course we can't ignore this clever idea of using a darker, possibly, flat against satin paint, to create a great design element~ brilliant.
suddenly friends are saying, 'have you always had that aubergine wing back?' yes, and now the purple chair that you found dumpster diving, has become 'aubergine'.
{photo credit, flickr 'indierocket'}
{photo credit, flickr: 'kimhas6cats"}
i may need to get the paint brush humming....


Project Ecoart said…
Loved that color in her kitchn and remeber the issue well. The whole house is great.

So is her store :)
Love that kitchen too, perfect paired with the white and that turquoise door! Loved this post!!

erika said…
i just painted a room in our house dark gray and absolutely love it... did black out draperies and roman shades, it's like a nest, in fact I wish I was at home in that nest right now. my sofa is limey-olive green and white stripe so it pops against the dark.
i do love it!
Dianne said…
Don't touch your kitchen!!!!! It's near perfect now that you've papered.
Anonymous said…
That kitchen shot is one of my all time's still in my "ideas" folder!
Unknown said…
I'm so into that dark grey color right now....with the contrast of white and one other burst of color! My future master bedroom will be a variety of such ...that is, when we finally get our house :0
Visual Vamp said…
I've been working on my living room, and painted everything, walls, ceiling, trim, all of it with flat paint. It makes a small room look bigger, all the edges fade off the hook. I did a deep brown with an undertone of gray. All the old school greats (Billy Baldwin, Mark Hampton, etc.) always said to use glossy paint because flat paint showed marks too easily. Not anymore - paint has gotten better. And if you have not perfect walls, and who doesn't LOL, flat paint hides a zillion sins, and yes I have tha many LOL
So go deep young woman, deep, dark, rich color that is..
Jessie said…
In the last few months, we've painted our bedroom grey and our family room a cadet greyish-blue color. Couldn't be happier with either. It's so fun to add big pops of color with the furniture and accessories!

Great post!
beachbungalow8 said…
nope, not touching my kitchen! that paper...i'm still enjoying (imperial trellis haters...sorry. it just works for me)

i love hearing about everyone's success with the gray walls!! or is it grey?

visual vamp~ you know, you are SO right. i always do flat paint now days. it's washable. little oily handprints can be cleaned off. definitely if you're doing gray flat or nearly flat is the key.

jessie, i have to hop over to your blog and see photos of your home with all of this gray lovliness!
Anonymous said…
i am LOVING dark (black) walls in interiors right now. I've done 2 posts on it in the past month - great photos here!
SimplyGrove said…
Great post!!! I love the kitchen. This puts me in the mood to paint something!!!
Anonymous said…
I've used Ben Moore's SOOT (2129-20) in the past. It is absolutely amazing- with blue undertones for those who can't decide between black, charcoal, or midnight.

BK 8x 20.00
BB 2x 24.00
WH 1x 00.00

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