pass the diebenkorn, please

untitled~still life with iris {1956}
untitled #5 (1981)
man drawing ~ {1956}
horizon~ocean view {1959}
cups {1957}
i'm having a diebenkorn moment this evening....join me. please.


mb said…
When I see R.D.'s paintings everything else grinds to a halt... they are so fine and so well edited. His abstract organization is masterful, whether it is in a figurative piece or in an abstract. Thanks for sharing.
Ivy Lane said…
I am fond of the "Horizon Ocean View"... What beautiful works..
Rose Campion said…
Diebenkorn is one of my favorite artists of all time. Something about the colors- they make me feel like floating away into forever when I look at them.
Anonymous said…
I am also a huge Diebenkorn fan and have been since art school at UNH in the late 70"s. His work and color palette continues to inspire and I agree with the previous poster, mbsreid, that his abstract organization or "composition" as we commonly referred to it, is indeed masterful. Thanks for the blog post and I enjoyed seeing some fresh Diebenkorn pieces that I was not familiar with.

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