Wednesday, August 13, 2008

plant a tree

french fashion designer, vanessa bruno supports the "planete urgence association" by offering to plant 5 trees for each 'plant a tree' cd purchased, helping make possible the reforestation operation....blah blah blah
this is really great. really altruistic, earth loving, and all of that. but really, i just wanted to post this because, well, get a load of that donkey with the feather sticking out of his forehead. this woman is a marketing genius. i'd buy fingernail clippings for a worthy cause if this little donkey was the bait.
nicely done mademoiselle bruno. {the cd is actually pretty good and can be purchased here and heard here}


Courtney said...

I LOVE the donkey! And that CD is perfect for a lazy morning around the house. Cool find!

Patricia Gray said...

You're right the picture and the woman are sheer genius. I love the originality.

Lovebird said...

I agree, a great find.


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