Tuesday, August 26, 2008

rikshaw design bedding

i realize i tend to be the broken record around all things, boho, cotton-y, wood block printed for home and the bod.
but i'm actually sort of picky. if it looks too patchouli, if the colors are off-register just a tad too much, or like it would smell like haight street, then no.
there's a fine line, and i know it when i see it. and i'm seeing it all over the fine lines of rikshaw design {don't you sort of want to get a little squeeze in on that chubby thigh?}
super beautiful, soft, yummy cotton bedding for your little bohemian beach baby. recognizing a need for something different in the baby bedding department {'word' to that} creator, catherine fitzsimmons pulled from her experiences in the far east as a textile buyer for "the barn", creating cotton bedding with beautiful designs in soft, sherberty colors~ all hand printed via wood block. i love these whimsical elephant pillows. i want one in every color. who knows, maybe your baby's first word will be 'om'. rikshawdesign.com


Pumpkin Petunia said...

Ooh, I think my elephant-loving daughter needs one of those pillows under the Christmas tree this year. I love it when I find things my kids will love that I won't mind seeing lying around the house.

girl meets glamour said...

Sooo cute, esp. that little green elephant blankie! Thanks for sharing!!


Visual Vamp said...

Nothing hippy dippy about this. Beautiful for little ones, and big babies like me too.

Rebecca said...

The "if it looks too patchouli" line cracks me up!

I adore those little elephants...so sweet!

Lovebird said...

So sweet, darling.

SimplyGrove said...

So so cute!! The elephant is adorable:)

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