soba noodles to room

seriously? i know, i know.
but honestly, i think you can find inspiration in anything. the other night, while making dinner, i opened a package of japanese soba noodles and was struck by how beautiful and simple they were.
there was no need to take the time to add a beautiful little checkered paper band around each serving size. but someone took the time, and i for one totally 'got it' and was inspired to create a room around....soba noodles. this wallpaper by schumacher has a light, twiggy and delicate vibe, while the madeline weinrib carpet anchors the room repeating the raspberry red. elements such as this 19th century fish basket {from franya waide antiques} add a nice organic element.
and i love the cerused oak used on this custom daybed {from donzella}. the modern lines mixed with the organic and delicate design of the wallpaper come together with the consistent use of colors.
when you do this sort of virtual shopping, with a limitless budget, it's hard to stop 'buying' all of the great little extras found here and there. 1. barley twist, set of 8 fish prints, holland, 1860-1880 2. schumacher, 'twiggy' wallpaper 3. pearl river, teak stool 4. heather & company, pair of asian bronze birds


Pigtown*Design said…
You are so clever! I always try and look for the little details and am in wonder when I find them. It's just that extra little bit that makes such a difference.
Mrs. Blandings said…
These are my favorite posts of yours. Love it.
sandra/tx said…
Good for you for seeing the inspiration! I heart those fish prints.
Visual Vamp said…
You made me laugh so hard! Only another wack job like me would appreciate your flight of fancy. We are sick sick decor girls.
katiedid said…
Makes me want to go right out and buy those very soba noodles if they have this kind of power. ;)

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