Tuesday, August 12, 2008

FEIST and the muppets

i'm of the old, purist sesame street school of viewing. that which shows bakers falling down stairs with cakes, gordon wearing his hair 'natural'and carol king singing with grover. this little video took me back to those days. i know, i know, this song is SO overplayed but,how can you not love this girl.
**ya, ya. so i screwed up. turns out it's harder than you think to post while talking on the phone. you hear an over played song that sounds like that OTHER over played song while you're on hold listening to dave matthews band and it all comes out one big mix-up.....leslie feist, yael naim. whatever. they're both adorable and sound similar. thank you to all for pointing out that i truly need to stay focused ~m


Tracy Elaine said...

Sorry, but that is Feist not Yael. Love them both though. Cute video.

Anonymous said...

That's Fesit, not Yael Naim. And yes, this is adorable, I agree.

Andi said...

Can I just say how much I loved this?!

It's nice to see these celebrities do something nice and good for a change!

~M said...

Have been waiting for this, thanks!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

Who can resist a Feist song. Just love her:)

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