contemplating rooms

sometimes i wonder what my home would look like if i had stayed that single girl in san francisco. the one long before kids, living in a drafty, old victorian with my two old dogs.
that home was a big experiment of dumpster dive and flea market finds mixed in with inherited pieces. sometimes the perfect saturday night was sitting home, painting a bathroom wall some exquisite color.
then came babies, and following that a bit of practicality and a lot less time for fussing with small corners.
while none of these photos are of any home i've ever owned { no. really?}, they all remind me of those days of my single girl nesting, in a city rife with history, moody weather {and great trash waiting at the curb}
high ceilings, creaky floor boards, drafty windows, fireplaces that not only, don't work on gas and fake logs, but don't work at all.
ok, and some of these are just wishful thinking. in no way did i have the means to put thousands of dollars in wallpaper up in my rental. nor did my little presidio heights flat resemble an 18th century chateau. BUT if it did, this would have been a nice little saturday morning niche to chill with my friends while recanting adventures from the night before.
i love this next photo, but it should be titled, 'the road i didn't take' {and happily so}
all of these moody,beautiful interiors were shot by james merrell


love, love, LOVE! On the cusp of my 30's and unsure of whether I'll get to take the husband and kids route in life these photos are exactly how I would like to be living now, I have glimpses of it but certainly nothing this stunning. Thank you for such a beautiful collection of images x
Liz said…
You are making nostalgic the creaky, drafty, old apartments I lived in back in my Chicago days! I miss all those beautiful architechtural details. However, I do not miss radiator heat and a whimsical hot water supply that went cold at the drop of a hat, among other issues. They called it "vintage charm" in the real estate listings, code for beautiful but things do not work! I suppose it would have been easier to take if my apartments had been decorated like the images above. :-)
beachbungalow8 said…
kimberlee...maybe add them to your inspiration board, i know i did. because someday, dammit! i'll be back living in a drafty, foggy, eclectic house.

this so cal thing gets OLD fast. lots of mcmansions and NEW, NEW, NEW
Mrs. Blandings said…
What a great adventure you had while I was going to Kelly's and Charlie Hooper's.
cotedetexas said…
Well, I love your house now - so there!!!
J.Covington said…
Love thoese open & airy loft apartments...would to have one as a get-away. Note to self: Earn more to splurg on creaky, drafty artist place.
Anonymous said…
Love this, great post megan xx
Project Ecoart said…
Soooo incredibly. Especially the bedroom and the sitting room with the brown ottoman.
Jessica Sutton said…
Wow - love the blue couch! great blog :)
Unknown said…
Great photos but a lonely life is not so great!

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