eurobad '74

please. what's not to like about anything circa 1974, european and in bad taste. it's the brilliant trifecta of perverse design.
i actually find some of the elements in these shots appealing...
not as in, 'i'm putting these in "the file"....but more like,
i'd love to see these re~shot as a fashion shoot.
some of these make my nose itch
she's reading to a doll. with a fern.
gross. dusty rose, plush carpet on the bathroom floor. what's going on here? it looks like some kind of, vintage, german wellness spa.
let's see, how can we best sell these tiles?
i know, the shot takes place in a bathroom, with a boy dressed like a business man lifting up the skirt of an adult woman, dressed like a little girl. genius.
why even bother with the pillows. {creepy doll}
i don't even know what this is. shelving? fireplace ovens?
all of these shots were found **here**


Amazing post! Where did you find all these shots? They made me laugh a lot!
jon said…
omg. this post was amazing! viva la bad vintage!
Megan, I think that doll might be in every shot. Either seen or unseen but I feel her presence...her eyes....just staring out. Like in that last photo, isn't she lurking behind a stack of books?
Petunia Face said…
Is it so wrong of me to desperately want that plush bedroom set? Although I can't imagine cleaning it...

And the little man goosing the grown up girl? Yikes.

Great post!
beachbungalow8 said…
b.b.~ she's lurking alright. and i think she may have come alive and has joined the swedish boy band seen at the top.

petunia face~ you'll need to get a plastic doll face, fur kleenex dispenser to finish off the room. the kind where the check caves in if you push on it too hard.
Rebecca Corvese said…
OMG - Is that Oliver Platt (seated) in the first picture?
Visual Vamp said…
OMG I have this site bookmarked and go there often! I have a secret stash of photos from it too, and always wondered how i could use them!!!
And Euro Bad Taste, is just as good as USA Bad Taste, don't you think?
Funny thing is, we all know we want some of this stuff now.
And the bong water perfume had me cracking up! I don't know if I would have be brave enough to open the bottles LOL
xo xo xo
annechovie said…
Your comments are the best ever! LOL. The photos wouldn't be half as entertaining if you hadn't added the hilarious captions. Your wit is tops. These are so bizarre....just the kind of stuff my brothers and I love to make fun of - thanks for the link.
beachbungalow8 said…
vis vamp, how in the world did you find these? i can't even remember how I found them. they're just so weird and compelling. and yes, bad 1974 taste is certainly not limited to the euros. we, americans, probably took these looks and made them even more, over the top.

anne, they're seriously funny on their own. i keep looking at that last one thinking, what was the inspiration here, 'number 2 pencil'?
Unknown said…
I. LOVE. THESE! but the first one is CRACKING ME UP!
Petit Elefant said…
I can't handle it. It's too much like the worst design of my childhood and it gives me a headache. ouch.
Two Tall Girls said…
Images, yikes! Comments, hilarious!
diana murphy said…
Well, we know that Wayne Newton was the inspiration behind that fetching hairstyle on the (seated) fellow in photo number one. Awesome.

I HAD to come by today to tell you that Abbey Ryan is celebrating the first anniversary of her daily painting project. I was introduced to her work right here - at your place. Thanks for posting about her way back when.
beachbungalow8 said…
diana, thank you so much for letting me know! wow. such a talent she is.
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha Awesome, that album cover is classic

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