i'm smitten

on my daily blog hopping yesterday, i came across leah hennen's {aka 'more ways to waste time'} dining room re-vamp.
being a lover of walls washed in a blue hue {this one in ben. moore~ 'sonoma skies'} , i instantly did a double take. the room has a new found, airy, brevity to it. open and fresh.
but what really drew me in was the collage curation of her 'etsy' found, art work.
i love seeing etsy at work. not that anyone needs reminding, but what a fantastic resource with which to fill our walls. everyday, at any time, you can pop over to etsy and have the opportunity to acquire great art from great talent {at mad prices}
check out the rest of hennen's room here. it's really something to see.
* i'm so digging that foxy piece by 'i'm smitten'


Ivy Lane said…
Love the pops of turquoise in the first pic. My powder room is that same tomatoey (sp) color..think I'm gonna dig through my votive holders and see if I can find something turquoise..or blue candles.. That "foxy piece".. LOVE!
beachbungalow8 said…
I'm loving your new re vamp. It's inspiring!
Teal Chic said…
What a breath of fresh air! Love the revamp!!!
Anonymous said…
Whoa! That new light is fantastic!
Unknown said…
completely coincidentally, just this morning i ran across leah's transformation myself, and thought it was pretty amazing- doesn't even seen like the same room. cheery, bright and modern- loved it!

nice of you to call attention to a job well done.
pve design said…
takes one fox to know one. love the white frames and those foxes are wild.
thebubbreport said…
that print was my favorite when I spotted it over at Leah's too! So clever!


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