handmade video portraits

In all this time, I had no idea that there was a blog on etsy. Did you know this? How did I miss this.
It's called 'storque' and it's a superblog ~ there's so much goodness on it, I can't cover it all right now.
Today I was made aware of a GREAT feature on storque. It's called 'handmade video portraits'.
Quick little video portraits of etsy artists. They're so inspiring and it's just fun to see the personality and thought process behind some favorite etsy sellers.
oh, and seeing how they make their art is the highlight {check out milliner, topsy turvy design}
I was really excited to see, Katherine Rasmussen of Reiter8 as one of the featured portraits. I love her recycled sail boat, sail bags {and house! I want a closet under my staircase}. Have a look and then go over to the handmade video portraits page for more.


Oh that's exciting. I never checked out their blog before. Now I can't wait to leave work so I can go home and watch some of these videos.
beachbungalow8 said…
It's such a fun little project, these videos. You can't miss it.
reiter8 said…
Thanks so much for your wonderful post!

Much to my family's delight - they were sick of seeing sails everywhere! - I have moved my business out of my home (and out from under the stairs!) into a studio collective in nearby Red Hook.

Those etsy videos are fantastic. Have you seen the one on MV Knits? If you don't knit - you'll want to just to support MV Knits. I now share space with Chanel from Junkprints who is also featured.

Anyway - love the blog - I'll be back!!
pve design said…
Love her, she is so cool, so fun, and so energetic.
Thanks for sharing.
Tanya said…
These are great bags. Thanks for sharing the video.
Unknown said…
This was such an inspiring post. I love hearing the stories behind a business. Thank you for sharing.
Karena said…
Great video, how talented and creative. I am excited to watch the other videos.

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