can I ask you something?

What am I missing here:
Alexander Wang thermal onsies
'holes throughout' {the buttons are nice}
worn with these, high heeled, patent pleather boots~as shown
The picture of myself hobbling around the ski cabin, in high heeled boots and moth eaten, long underwear that, will probably bag in the butt after one sitting, just doesn't make me want to run out and spend $302. Really, what am I missing?
btw, shopbop is having a great sale right now {on normal stuff}


Once a season while I worked in that game, something inexplicable came up - not this, but not far from it - we would cancel it, and a designer would roll around on the floor accusing us of "ruining American fashion," then, "Ugh, I hate them!" or some similar drama. Merchandisers asleep at the wheel or gagged and chained to the showroom radiators??? Oh, been there...
Karena said…
Pleeeease, I wonder sometimes if we are just taken as a joke and thought to not know any better. Who will buy these and think they are wonderful?!! My aunts and uncles at the farm would fall over, $300!!
$302! That is crazy. Even if I had the extra 300 bucks to spend on long johns they would not be for a pair with holes!

Thanks on the sale update at Shopbop.
beachbungalow8 said…
b.h.~ I totally get that, but as a buyer, can you pick the pieces in a collection? or do they just give you set group?

302 clams for dumpy butt.
Carrie Nicole said…
HA! dumpy butt is right and the holes?!??!? not even going to mention the pairing with the patent boots...geez. Ridiculousness
Visual Vamp said…
ha ha ha ha ha
I have a Jewish girl friend, Susan, who used to wear beautiful white custom made nightgowns, the kind that look vintage, with lace, the kind that were really expensive. But they had rips and holes in them.
Now she was no kid, she was a well-to-do business woman with very good taste. So I would razz her about her nightgowns, and she would breezily say "Darling, this is the height of Gentile style..." She further explained that the very rich Waspy types wore their clothes to the point of rags, implying their wealth was so vast they just didn't give a damn.
Well, I'm a working class wench, so I never got into wearing raggy or holey clothes, though I did go through a de constructed faze when I was a rock singer ha ha.
So who knows about the holes.
Worse yet is that they are long-johns, which are warm for sure, but never look good on anyone.
Thank god for leggings and cute tops to layer under clothes.
And thank god I live in a place with no real winter to speak of.
Maybe this is a version of "The Emperor's New Holes".
xo xo

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