i love you but....

I remember once, a communications professor saying that by inserting 'but' after a thought, you're negating all that precedes it.
passivity at its best.
I love you but is a collection of boardwalk caricature type drawings {not big side ponytail heads driving little convertibles} with funny 'i love you but' admissions {or negations~ or whatever}
if i were asked to add one? 'i love you.... but you say anyways'
i think i found this at a cup of jo but can't remember. none the less, love her blog so here's a little blog shou'-ou'.


Lynne said…
This is so funny. I totally agree. I am not into the Alchemist - I heard that Coehlo won't start writing until he has seen a feather fall - I'm not so into to all of that!
Unknown said…
"The Alchemist" changed my life {but I was 15 when I read it the first time} lol. exactly.
beachbungalow8 said…
my husbands ex girlfriend broke up with him after reading the alchemist! so in a way it's a good thing.

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