L.A. designer, Krista Ewart's home tour

Like many of you, I've seen L.A. based interior designer, Krista Ewart's home in the pages of domino, and taken in all of it's playful, elegance. piece by piece, fabric by fabric, color by color.
My t.v. taste is champagne only baby~I basically watch really crappy, tivoed reality t.v. and so missed this little piece on Ewart.
Check it out and get an eyeful of some of the best fabrics out there~Hable construction, Quadrille {to name a few}Madeline Weinrib rugs, Cool vintage finds, Great color usage and the inspiration behind the ideas :


Karena said…
Megan, I loved this video and what Krista did with her darling bungalow!
Oh I love her designs. Can't wait to check this out when I get home.
beachbungalow8 said…
I think her home reads even better 'in person' than in still shots. which is rare!
LindsB said…
Love this bedroom, and love her designs!!
Anonymous said…
This post really inspired me to get moving! Thank you for that! I've never seen this show, is it on HGTV? Thanks again...I'm motivated to check out craigslist to see what I can find :)
beachbungalow8 said…
Dolce, yes I believe it's on hgtv. 'small spaces'? I found it by searching with the phrase, 'small spaces' on you tube.
Anonymous said…
What a great little snippet of fun and inspiration! I need to watch HGTV more. Thank you!
So Lovely said…
For some reason, Small Spaces, Big Style on HGTV is no longer. Don't know why they canceled it - It was such a great show.
I live right by Krista's adorable cottage. I have often wondered what it looked like inside, and now I know!
Krista did a fantastic job. I am a huge flea market fanatic, so I love all of her one of kind finds.
Thank you for posting the video of Krista talking about her home. It is always interesting hearing about the reasons behind a designer's decisions.
Loved the little powder room in the wild patterned wall paper. I also thought her Master Bedroom was fantastic.

Great post.

Pink Wallpaper said…
love seeing this!! i wonder what her man thinks about being surrounded in a house of pink?? i debated using that wallpaper in my little girl's room...it looks great in the powder room.
beachbungalow8 said…
i thought the same thing, 'wow what a confident husband to live with all of that pink'
I just got home from the Santa Monica area where I spent a bit of time purusing the homes in Venice. I especially like the ones on the canal. Talk about inspiring and unique! Having a beach cottage is a blast and Krista's is no exception. I especially love that she dares to have pink in a lot of the rooms yet her bedroom is red and yellow. Who says there has to be a flow from room to room? She just proved to me that that isn't so. Thanks for the tour!

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