a lil' liddy love

I can see myself walking down the beach in one of these.
maybe I should recommend a sand castle design.


I love these hats. They are so cute. I think you could totally rock the Hawaii or Bust sign on the beach.

Anonymous said…
These are so cute and fun!
Anonymous said…
They need to do one that says lifes a beach!
Just when I thought Kate Spade was loosing her touch. ..
Courtney said…
and megan -- the knit is incredibly well made! JJ gave me one for christmas last year and I wore it all winter (all 2 weeks of it). So darn fun!
beachbungalow8 said…
C~ I just realize that the ski hat with the glasses {as seen on your site} was kate spade. these are ridiculously cute. and they look like they'd be light weight enough for our mild 'winters'.

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