mixed tape monday

photo: danske
are you ready? hang on tight.........here come the holidays! and we're still at 75 and sunny. the only thing that distinguishes november/december from july and august around here, is the slant of the shadows. this doesn't keep the town from stringing up santas between the date palms. smiling santa. waving his little plastic mittened hand at us, as we walk to the beach. {santa, are you mocking me?}
in a week or so i'll be dragging a tree through my front door, sweating as i haul the christmas decorations out of storage, wearing shorts and flip flops and dreaming of a white christmas.
living at the beach is a charmed situation for sure, but it's a bit of a faustian deal: no seasonal changes. ever. something that only irks me for about 3 months out of the year.


ohhhhh I am envious,
I just hate winters!
Palm Tree Christmas trees suit me just nice:)
have a blessed day
Anonymous said…
Spray your windows with canned snow stuff - Make little drifts in the window corners and spatter them so when you squint, and all your holiday lights are on, it's like a happy blustery blizzard.
beachbungalow8 said…
ahh, I need to take some shots of my neighbor's house. they 'roll' out snow, which they then have to vacuum daily. It's so l.a.
Petit Elefant said…
Thanks to you I'm totally addicted to Mixwit now!!! ;)
Beth said…
sigh, i'm such a winter person - it's still strange for me to be here during the holidays in 80 degree weather. but i don't miss the shoveling and having to warm up the car before i go anywhere.
Unknown said…
The lack of seasonal changes and the traffic are my only two complaints about living here. This Thanksgiving I am grateful that the weather is going to get a little cooler this week. Putting up my tree in short sleeves just doesn't feel right.
annechovie said…
Boy, do I hear ya, Megan! Sometimes I miss the seasons/cozy trappings that I grew up with in the North, but I sure don't miss having to wear socks to bed and giving myself meg-shocks when I touch a lightswitch from all the static in the air.LOL

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