Tiny McSmall, I Command+D you.

There are so many great shops on the Internet. Late night, I find myself weaving my way from one to another, via this link and then that. Like my own private, maze-mall. The next better than the last. I bookmark it only to find one better, after the jump.
Thumb/forefinger~Command+D. You're mine.
One of my most recent, late night, Command+Ds is Tiny McSmall. A shop that's for kids and yet, makes me want one of everything for myself.
Cute, right? Please, I want to wear this tomorrow. dress by kit and lili.
and these!
I want these crazy pants {and those metallic shoes} to march around in.
They have great boys clothing too {which I hear isn't always easy to find} and it doesn't end there.
How much do you Command+D this?
lobster paper placemats? Sheesh. Whatever. Send me a year's supply. Make that a life time's.
Floating, soaring, silent the swallow mobile. I bet this is just beautiful in person.
This little grouping of knit cupcakes make such a great baby gift { I've given this to a few, new babes in my life. More for the parents.... but you know.}
Oh! And their paper goods selection is fabulous. I sort of want this one blown up and framed.
If there's still a room that could use a Moroccan poof it's a child's. And this is one of the best I've seen.
The white owl lamp {which would scare the bejeezus out of my girls~but they're funny that way} again, I'd put this in my own room.
And of course they'll wrap it all up in a beautiful ensemble of paper and ribbon.
Tiny McSmall, I Command+D you for having, not only, one of the best names, a great looking site, but some of the finest 'stuff' in the great internet mall.


Anonymous said…
Not only is your list great, but thanks to you I just learn what command + d does!!! Thanks so much :)
vicki archer said…
love the owl lamp - fantastic xv
style and grace said…
Love it!!! Adorable site. I command d!!
mamacita said…
LOVE the dress. I think you need it. It can't be that hard to make, if you can find a seamstress.
Pigtown*Design said…
love the kiddie clothes. the two boys i lived with in wales always looked so cute in their big irish sweaters, cords and wellies. i could just eat them up!
beachbungalow8 said…
I hadnt' thought of that, It's totally make-able. The fabric find would be crucial.

If I had a boy, I think he'd be sporting, fisherman sweaters,cords and wellies. None of this surf-grommit stuff you see around here. Although, he'd probably get beaten-up.
Anonymous said…
Love your site!!!
Kristen said…
Wow!!! This stuff is great!!! Thanks for sharing.
Karena said…
Darling site. Love it all. The swallow mobile is very cool!
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for introducing me to them! Love this stuff. Sending this link to all the moms I know!
katiedid said…
Am I just a total dork who missed the Command +D memo? What is this? If it's a computer thingy, can you tell me what it is so I don't delete a bunch of files or something?

Cute stuff BTW!
Ivy Lane said…
Love this shop! and love the little mod number in the first pic..i could totally wear that!

I think that owl lamp is really neat ... in the just the right place!
Style Court said…
Great finds Megan. Thanks for the intro.
Anonymous said…
I know the owner of this site! She will be so excited that you have found her...can I tell you the quality of the products is gorgeous ;)
David said…
I'd totally live with that moroccan poof.
I have that pouf from zid zid and several of their fantastic embroidered ones. The quality is excellent!
Anonymous said…
quite possibly the cutest children EVER

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