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fat and happy.
back from a long thanksgiving weekend that involved, a train trip, montecito, pool time, a cheryl tiegs sighting {I know, so retro} and lots and lots of great food. happy december, all!


Ha! I just downloaded maybe a billion songs from Beirut. A little Nick Drake, Sun Kil Moon, and maybe a Mexican Mariachi band? So love them....thanks for the mix, Megan.
MaryBeth said…
I saw Cheryl Tiegs 20 years ago in St. Marteen. She was so beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful holiday. I didn't think people from California did anything but drive, where did the train take you??? MB
beachbungalow8 said…
Mary Beth, there's a train that takes you up the coast and stops through out. Unfortunately, we don't have a fast train that goes up the coast. We really need one connecting SF to LA~ apparently the majority of voters don't feel the same way!

for the record, i don't like driving
Beth said…
My brother took the train down to LA to see me for thanksgiving this weekend. lots of CA train riders this week! :)

great mix this week. listening at work right now!
this vignette said…
I heart mix tape monday! Would love to hear about the train travel trip. Bryan and I planned a train trip in India for this fall (inspired by The Darjeeling Limited). SO GLAD we decided we couldn't afford it. Yikes. Seems like a train to Santa Barbara is a little safer.
Boxcar Goods said…
thanks for visiting my blog, the sale rack. i just featured your mixed tape monday feature on my blog today. i also plan on linking to your site! thanks for the tips as well.
benson said…
did montecito look all burned and smoky or did oprah pay to have all that cleaned up :)

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