mixed tape monday

huh. guess i poked the proverbial bee hive last week. that tartan, it's some seriously caustic stuff. what I have learned: people have deep convictions about the plaid. do not bring your dislike for tartan up at dinner parties {try something like, "gay marriage-yes/no" instead~much less controversial} tartan is not for everyone. most people love tartan. and finally, dusty rose is a charming color.
queue the music
1. MC Solaar - La Belle et le Bad Boy
2. Metric - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
3. Yann Tiersen-Shannon Wright - Dragon fly
4. Beirut - Nantes
5. Neutral Milk Hotel - Communist Daughter
6. Sufjan Stevens - Romulus


LOL, lovely music list, by the way.
Mrs. Blandings said…
You had to just touch it with your toe just one more time, didn't you? :)
simply seleta said…
OMG love that first song. LOVE!!!! Going to try and find it now on itunes.
Karena said…
You are the best Megan! A great sense of humor will get all of us through the wintry weather and economy. PS I love my chenille and faux fur cozy throws this time of year.
beachbungalow8 said…
mrs b~ you know me. i just can't help nudging the hive once it's fallen to the ground. just to see if i can get one last buzz.

Seleta~ how great is MC Solaar. Also try IAM. They're a bit more hardcore french rap, but great workout music if you're into it.

i'm looking at that new neutral, 'dusty rose' in a whole different light. will it replace the cameo pink of last season? so much to ponder in these dark winter months.
Anonymous said…
Too funny! I went to Catholic school and I have an aversion to some plaids. Oh well.
Anonymous said…
yay me! I know TWO artists on this playlist. That is a first! Love love love MC Solaar.

ps- best thing about the tartan post was the nightgown. haha
Beth said…
GREAT mix this week. LOVE MC Solaar. :)

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