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Los Angeles, is unique on so many levels and although I whine a little about the lack weather this time of year {I know, isn't this why people move here in the first place?}
{had to share, l.a. having a little weather moment. fun traffic eh?}
I do love the diversity of L.A. and I love that it draws such a strong creative contingency. Over the weekend we visited and shopped Unique Los Angeles~ the independent design and gift sale. I wish all of you had access to something like this because it's a fantastic way to pick up great art, stationary, clothing, jewelry etc, great stuff you're not likely to find in any mall.
first stop was the pamels barsky booth.
Pamela is a designer of all kinds of cool, witty, clever items.
a pad of 'steaktionary' sealed for freshness of course.
we bought this for us: and this for foodie friend of ours:
speaking of loving food, next stop was eats.
L.A. street tacos, ya!
and the cake monkey peddling homemade deserts like home made ho-hos, double ya!
I know that these two will be 'thrilled' that i threw this pic into the line up. {but since neither reads the old blog, neither will be the wiser}
back to shopping! next stop the nice girls from chocolate and steel with their lovely line of jewelry {can't get this out of itallics grr}
my close up shot of their wares didn't turn out so i'm borrowing from their etsy site
my daugter's were smitten with the little necklaces.
loved these rings:
ooh, turn the corner and we found miss brigitte. I have been a long time fan of her work. it's so 50s - 60s french in vibe. I let the girls pick out one for their respective rooms. this is where things got fun. next booth was this fantastic photographer, "lauren ward" I love that she mixes in to her work a little terry richardson vibe. you know, the white background with the super hot flash so that theres a bit of shadow.
She had a hall tree loaded with funny hats, glasses, boas and yes...this lovely christmas sweater that I am donning . we so want to send this as our christmas card but someone thinks it's too embarassing. {hate it when the parents are so embarassing}
he looks like a 50s reporter and i look like i should be sipping sanka in the teacher's lounge
on to the next booth of dee&lala. GOREGOUS, letter press work. I'm such a sucker for letterpress. their booth was really pretty too. they had those flor felt tiles down. so pretty.
we found cute little hedgehog note cards and great holiday hang tags. here's someone that i was thrilled to finally meet. she's on my etsy faves, my flickr contacts next it will be facebook...basically i've been cyber stalking her. elizabeth soule. {hi, elizabeth, i promise not to invite myself over to your house to watch you work}
she's the creator of these amazing animal photographs:
it was so fun meeting people that i 'knew' through etsy and blogging and we came away with bags of great shtuff.
we ended our evening by going to the new downtown, sports, entertainment, dining, clubbing extravaganza "L.A.live" as L.A. is want to be, this is full of bling and bright lights. total sensory overload. Time to go eat more.....


Petunia Face said…
Oh please please pretty please make that photo your Christmas card! Seriously, that is my dream card, a pinch of Royal Tenenbaums with a dash of Harold and Maude. To. Die. For.
brigette b said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my booth! Your girls seriously made my day with their enthusiastic "I like this one!" and "Look at that one!". They reminded me that part of the reason I make art is to satiate my inner child. And I agree that you guys should use that image as your x-mas card, too.
Blue Muse said…
I think you started something with your winter storm watch ... I don't know if you're getting any of this storm, but down here in North County, SD at the beach it's raining sideways and the wind is unbelieveable. One of my market umbrellas escaped over the fence and the trash cans are dancing down the street from all directions. Crazy!

I don't know you, but I think that family photo is a scream and would make a great Christmas card, too!

Love love love all the booths you showed, I'm going to try and find some of that wonderful stuff! Several things look like the PERFECT present for a few friends!

xo Isa
Anonymous said…
it looks like you all had so much fun! and i adore you Christmas card, too cute!
Karena said…
Love that shot for Holiday card. Don't worry about it. You will embarrrass the kids for years to come!
Anonymous said…
Hey Meagan - a) You're very fun! love your blog. b) Here's why I'm writing: Do you have some advice or strategies for navigating Etsy? You always find such great stuff, and I seem to, well, not. Thanks!
Unknown said…
I have to admit...I've been loving the "winter" weather today. Makes me want to truck it up to the higher elevations to let the kids play in the snow.

I agree...that fun pic of the four of you should absolutely be your Christmas card. What a fun day the four of you had.
Visual Vamp said…
What a great gift fair!
And if you don't use the family photo for your Christmas card, can I use it for mine?
xo xo
beachbungalow8 said…
Ok, ok you guys have talked me into this. like she'll ever know right{my 10 year old}? I'm sending the photo.

barb, Etsy has so many ways to navigate. One of my favorite ways is to go on the 'time machine' also, when I see something I like, I go on the "see who hearts this seller", often the fans of one artist lead me to another great artist.

If you find art that you like, check out that artist's favorited sellers. You'll find that in the profile area of the seller.

I tend to do that quite a bit.

hope that helps. I love etsy!
cotedetexas said…
Megan- so sweet, I never noticed before how much C. looks exactly like you! she is so beautiful. Love the photos of y'all. Looks like you had a blast. Real Beaver Cleaver time.
Unknown said…
that photo is AWESOME, and i gotta say, you look fetching in your xmas sweater. remember, someone may be embarrassed now, but in a few years, she'll look at the card and think it's pretty cool.
Ivy Lane said…
"Sipping sanka in the teacher's lounge".. wow does that bring back a few memories! That picture of your family is priceless!

Looks like a great time, so many talented people!
M.Lane said…
I just love your blog! Thanks for this great post which took us all along with you on what looks like a really enjoyable time!

I went to LA for the first time only last December and what struck me was that it was like a huge artist colony...at least what I saw of it.

Unknown said…
Well why not tell you what everyone else has said. I too love the xmas card, you have got to use it will be such a big hit with the fam. great blog
Windlost said…
Your tour was utterly lovely. I am so jealous, in a nice living-with-two-feet-of-snow and -20C way. Not only is it cold here, but there are no creative types for miles. Thank u for this taste of H E A V E N. ; )

That gal who does the little animal photos - I've seen her Etsy shop and she is too clever for words. I would have loved to meet her just to gush.

Your family is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Terri
annechovie said…
How fun! Wish I had one of these near me. The best was your description of the family photo "looks like I should be drinking Sanka in the teachers lounge". Too funny. LOL. Do they even make Sanka anymore? What a flashback. A very Happy Holiday and super New Year to you and the fam, Megan!
Lovebird said…
The family photo is WONDERFUL!
JenPaq said…
Hi - I was at Unique LA too and LOVED the same booths infact I am putting together an art show and mini version - I'll send an invite over as the date approaches.
Opening Reception WINTER GLAM January 30th
featuring photographer Lauren Ward
January 31 & February 1
Partow Gallery La Brea
JenPaq said…
Hi - I was at Unique LA too and LOVED the same booths infact I am putting together an art show and mini version - I'll send an invite over as the date approaches.
Opening Reception: WINTER GLAM January 30th
featuring photographer Lauren Ward
January 31 & February 1
Partow Gallery 655 S La Brea

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