winter advisory

i think the chaos of the season has finally gotten to me.
today, i proclaim is a "snow day" at the beach. i am officially, 'stilling' myself.
i'm going to drive slowly as if it were snowing {i may even pump my brakes at stop signs}
work minimally
stomp up to the market and pretend to shake something off of my head and tshirt as I walk through the doors into the a.c.
maybe cook something savory that requires a full day on the stove top {of course the house will get stifling hot and all the windows will have to be open}
i may sit at the kitchen table, addressing christmas cards while listening to road conditions on a transitor {which, in los angeles translates to, sig alerts on the 405}
later, i'll drag the 'living tree' that was just delivered inside and begin untangling lights. and tonight we'll listen to christmas music, dress the tree and then maybe take a quiet walk through the neighborhood as a family.
if you live someplace warm, like me, come join me in my festive delusions:


Anonymous said…
Your vicarious thrills would be fulfilled to peek into Wisconsin for a 1/2 minute.......minus 10 wind chill, 6 MORE inches of snow in Tuesday's spill, evergreen tops are droopy & heavy with snow (a fantasy vision from our upstairs windows), icy blue crackled cast on the shores of Lk Michigan.......
And only 4 months of this to go.........(!!!!!)
Love it for the holidays, snowsports, wearing favorite wool threads, and picture snapping, but by Jan 1, POOF, be GONE!!!
Jessie said…
I'm so jeally I can barely stand it!

If you receive a big cooler of snow (water by the time it reaches you)... it's NOT FROM ME!
Blue Muse said…
Hi there!

I love this, and want to play along. I'm south of you, at the beach also, so any snow here will have to be imagined, too!

Enjoy your slow day, and your soup!

Courtney said…
this made me laugh A LOT! I say go for it. Others will be super jealous that you're having a white christmas and they're inside in the AC wishing it would turn cold.
beachbungalow8 said…
you have to realize, we don't get to slow down for any reason during this time of the year.

When you live in a place that snows, nature requires you to get quiet with your world during the holidays. stop and enjoy. Here,it's business as usual.
I dare you to wear a pair of ski goggles throughout the day. Ski goggles and maybe a big, droopy wool hat. And furry boots. Throw on some furry boots. I dare you.

(yesterday we had one of those wet, cold mornings that turn into flooky, Indonesian-like warm temps by the afternoon with the rain and wind....I smelled SO GOOD with my wet wool coat. Mmmmmmm, just like George when he gets out of the ocean)
You are a mean girl. Oh yes you are.
Beth said…
LOVE it. I'm joining in. Last night, Kyle and I went to a wintery dinner, then drove through the "nice" neighborhood to look at christmas lights - while donning winter clothing.

Of course, we had the AC on but whatever. :)

Great idea!
Anonymous said…
OMG, you unleashed a "flurry" of sense memories in this CA-transplanted MA girl:

Ok, before you go to the store you have to go out and start your car and leave it running in the driveway to "warm up". You scraped the ice off the windshield, right?

Any potential snowday I would be in agony waiting for my town to be called because it began with a W and wouldn't come 'til the end.

When you come home from the store you gotta take those cold, wet mittens and place them on the clanking radiator to fill the room with the smell of wet wool.

Check to see if the ice on the pond is thick enough for skating yet.

I hope you have one of those Yule Log DVDs (remember Jim Gabbert, KTVU, SF?).

I could go on & on....

Thanks for the fun of thinking about it. I'm with you.
beachbungalow8 said…
sparkie, you're bringing back the memories. My sweet father used to scrape the windows AND turn on the heater as we kids ate breakfast so that our cars were toasty and ready to go to school. No wonder I can act like such a spoiled brat sometimes!

wet wool! yes! radiators that clank and spit and burn the hell out of you if they're not covered.

who knew that one day i'd seriously miss all of this.

I know, that when february strikes, and it's sunny and warm here~ I'll be ok with it all.
beachbungalow8 said…
karen~ i took your advice about the goggles but added some cross country skis to the mix. I 've been duck walking with said skis all around town. people here can be so judgmental.
Fifi Flowers said…
You will definitely need to imagine in this 80 degree So Cal weather we're having. At least the trees have finally started changing colours!
ENJOY your fantasy snow day!
northsidefour said…
Thanks for the always sharp observations of the cold weather dweller ritual. I just stomped my way into Argo for a cup of hot tea, pulling off my silly yet warm red wool hat and smoothing down my wild with static hair. It's freezing here, you remember.
beachbungalow8 said…
ns4~ hot. it's hot here. like fifi said, 80 inland and about 75 at the beach. i wore a short sleeve shirt with a scarf wrapped round n' round the neck today. i felt like i was smothering.

i forgot the static hair thing. my skin always seemed to get better in cold dry air though. another bonus.
Karena said…
Megan, you can come back home to KC in case you really miss this brrrr snowy weather. Just click your red shoes (or boots)!!
Thank you for reminding us warm weather people to slow down and enjoy the winter season.
I really need to hear this right now.

beachbungalow8 said…
brooke....right? we {in LA} need to be forced to slow down this time of the year. we don't have weather to make it happen.
Anonymous said…
This would be a great opportunity to play "Holiday". You can assume the Cameron Diaz role and I'll be Kate Winslet (pre the massive weight loss). We'll do a quick home switch any time you are up for the adventure. It' just the pesky husbands that may interfere with the male roles...hmmm. In any case, I am certain being in CA would be the better side of the adventure.

Kirsten in MN (We have fabulous plows and salting rigs that enable us to keep calm and carry on working through any old arctic bursts---sorry to disappoint)
Christi said…
i like your thinking...let's hope we get this rain this weekend!
katiedid said…
Hahaha! I'll be thinking of you from my cold, foggy, wet town. Have a great slow weekend!

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