like the blog before me said:the domino effect~ another one bites the dust.

Word on the street today: domino magazine is the next shelter rag to go under.
The fun, youthful magazine has been a great inspiration to so many since it opened its doors in April of '05. I have and will keep all of my issues for future reference.
We're sad to see you go domino!


Kate said…
I'm really bummed about this. I've read every issue since it came out and I have most of them still. It was one of my faves!!
What! How is this possible? This is so sad.
Anonymous said…
So Sad. I really love the mag, but the last couple of issues have been a bit iffy. I am still heartbroken.
Oh I am sick.....domino is so unique in their efforts to connect people to the products and design they feature.I hope this "trend" ends here. On a brighter note,I am a quiet reader, but I always enjoy your blog!
gillian said…
I'd just discovered this magazine (I know, I live under a hill). It was going to replace Oprah Home (okay, there was a great issue on living with collections).
Karena said…
Megan, this is one I have kept along with Elle Decor and Metropolitan Home, the rest I read at my hair salon. It is getting to be a very difficult world for publishers though!
Karena said…
Megan I nominated you for this contest!
shanon said…
This is so completely sad.
Do you know if there is a way to buy the past issues that I don't have?
Ugh. Too sad.
beachbungalow8 said…
I have to say, it was great 'easy' eye candy as far as shelter magazines go. It always felt a bit playful and never stuffy or condescending.

you can find back issues on ebay.
I loved this magazine -- it will be missed. I hope all the talented staff move on to new jobs and are able to continue to inspire us!
Virginia Young said…
I just loved Domino.
It will be sadly missed.

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