gettin' your heart on

Remember that 'Real World-London' episode when the 'cheeky' punk girlfriend gives her punk rocker boyfriend a pig's heart for Valentine's day? So gross.
Couldn't find a picture of that charming couple but joel and clementine will do. I'm sure they'd love the idea below, in fact:
This year make your own anatomically correct heart for your favorite valentine.Who knew that a throbbing, veiny organ {did I just really write that?} in your chest, {IN YOUR CHEST people}.... could look this cute. And the ideas are endless.
here's the template so generously created and supplied by
thank you cheeky magpie~


Anonymous said…
I don't know why, but the realism of these hearts just made me have a flashback to high school French class. It made me think of that scene when Ugolin sews Manon's ribbon onto his chest in Manon de Source. It's kind of the same combo of extreme romanticism and a little weirdness.
MS said…
Cool take on a heart. I love the third picture with the key.
my husband and I have been gifting each other with anatomical hearts since the get go {I'm dedicating a Valentines post to them in the near future}. Needless to say, I think this idea is sweet...
Amanda Lee said…
This post made me laugh. When my daughter was in pre-school, I was called in to a meeting with her teachers and the pre-school director. They were concerned because she had done so poorly on a Valentine's Day project. Apparently, a four-year-old should be able to make a simple heart shape, and the teachers were concerned that she had developmental issues. They showed me her heart and it certainly didn't look like any valentine I had seen! Turns out, she had seen a picture of a human heart, and was trying to draw that! She told me years later that she thought it was a little weird to be made to draw hearts to give as gifts, and she couldn't quite understand why everyone else was doing it wrong :)

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