i like your coat

uh, hi, little french, lizzie grubman look alike, your coat is the shizz.
May I please have it?


Sarah's Fab Day said…
That jacket is the shizz, for shizz.
That coat is the shizz...and you are funnier than he#@!
Jaime said…
I would go without food for a week for this coat!
Blue Muse said…
After you get it, may I borrow it?
xo Isa
beachbungalow8 said…
what DID happen to old lizzie. I wonder if she stills bleaches her eyebrows.

blue muse- yes,you can borrow the jacket, but I think I'll be wearing it for the next 6 months
J said…
thanks for finding this great coat for me..I'll wear it next time I go to the beach!

Anonymous said…
are you sure that's lizzie G? She looks so normal and non revolting.

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