::iris apfel::

It's settled. I'm totally ripping off Iris Apfel's look when I'm 80.
hell, maybe I'll even start this year.
don't you sort of want to push carmen-what's-her-face, out of the way?
she's so not doing it right.
don't let me to forget to wear fantastic elf shoes when I'm an octogenarian
and hang out with hot young designers {love you zac}
and kooky, not so, young designers
{basically, just a ton of great creative gay guys}
and be dressed to the nines at 9:00 a.m. on tuesday mornings
and always remember to give my husband, whiskery old lady kisses
Ms. Apfel, thank you. You make getting older actually look glamorous.


Anonymous said…
You're right on- she is delightful and if I can look half as cool at her age, then that is something to look forward to.
Start this year; why wait until you're 80 to have such sartorial fun?
Blue Muse said…
Ooo When I grow up, I want to be Ms. Apfel! Seriously! LOL
xo Isa
Blue Muse said…
Ooo When I grow up, I want to be Ms. Apfel! Seriously! LOL
xo Isa
Kate said…
Oooo I love her. I adore her Slyvia Weinstock glasses. The last picture is the cutest. Thanks for the great pick me up this morning.
Mrs. Blandings said…
I adore this post - and there's no doubt - you'll be equally as fabulous.
soodie :: said…
GOD Megan thank you! This post has given me inspiration -- I was just noticing a few more grey hairs cropping through my freshly colored winter 'walnut' shade and pinching my crepey cheek skin in the mirror this morning. Love her brown coat with the mink cuffs. Her wrinkly soft skin makes her look wise. Carmen's face doesn't move. Sort of gives me a tick in my eye, it's pulled so tight.
Anonymous said…
OH I AGREE! She's fantastic. I just wanna hug her and her elf shoes. Awww.
Anonymous said…
My new enthusiasm! I know I've seen her in Bill Cunningham before but didn't know her story. She's really worth Googling. Truly a rare bird. The lookonline.com interview is priceless. Do you think we could convince her to invite us over for tea, or something stronger?
Anonymous said…
She's so fabulous. And is a really interesting person.
Joslyn said…
yes she looks pretty freakin amazing.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous, she's a great reminder that you should just have fun with it!
Lovebird said…
She is lovely and I agree with you she makes getting older very GLAMOROUS! I would love to have a glass of great wine with her!
I hope by 80 I have the courage to do, wear, say, be whatever the hell I want to!
Why not start now?
Thank you for the reminder.

Karena said…
Oh, to have such style and be true to oneself!
northsidefour said…
Fabulous. I'd look like a carp in those glasses but you could do it.
Lynne said…
I LOVE her. And the husband too - he looks fabulous as well!
Tell me where, oh where, did she find those wonderful elf shoes. I would wear those today, not just when I'm eighty!!
elly e said…
Iris is brilliant and I love that she has such a personality! Great Post!
benson said…
I've actually stored my three pairs of circa 1990's
oversized Big Star overalls in a trunk for when I'm eighty to wear them once more...I think I'll go for the same haircut as Ms. Apfel, more rectangular glasses I would think and a basic white tee with some crazy necklace...and now to add to that eccentric touch...a pair of elf shoes. Can't wait!
Anonymous said…
She is fabulous! Thanks for the introduction. I agree, I'd be content to be half that fantastic at that age. Something to aspire to, for sure.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I just love this. You can totally rock this when your 80, but why wait?

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