Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Monique Lhuillier dress to room

I'd wear anything Monique Lhuillier. This image from her Spring '09 collection has been taunting me from my desktop. It makes me want to attend an elegant dinner party in a beautiful little bungalow on harbour island.
of course this got me thinking, what would this dress look like as a room....
all above accessories can be found at coleen & company, right here, in sunny LA


Anonymous said...

gorgeous! love that color on the lamps and the red necklace. i think that dress would be beautiful in cream as a wedding gown too.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Love the dress, but love it more when you make an outfit a room.

shanon said...

Oooh la la, I love the dress that is "coming" AND the dress that is "going"! =)

stacy di said...

that color is amazing!

a pretty pill said...

all monique lhuillier = insanely amazing!
great transition from runway to room.

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