Tuesday, January 13, 2009

picky, picky

Most of my pet peeves are around manners. In particular, poor table/eating related manners. Seeing someone, hike up the waist of their pants over a food swollen belly as they grab for a toothpick, while walking out of a restaurant.....makes me glower with disdain.
The only thing worse, is seeing that same person, 2 seconds later as they swagger out the front door, toothpick dangling from their bottom lip {wait, let's make it really bad~ add a blue tooth attached to the ear} smiling a gluttonous smile. I know. It's my own personal hell. I'm probably alone in this peeve.
which is why it takes a really great design to make me think,
'wow, now that's cool' about a toothpick holder.
This was designed for a take and bake product by 'cruet and whisk'
{so all that errant picking of food would, in theory, be done at home. Away from me.}
Design by Allison Newhouse of Duffy & Partners.


Patricia Gray said...

I agree with you about the toothpick hanging out...you are too funny!

annechovie said...

ROTFL! Ok, I totally second that emotion and I have to add that I have often found myself begging someone's pardon because, seeing no one around, I thought they were talking to me (because they are speaking loudly and non-chalantly)and then they turn and I see that hideous bluetooth hanging on their ear. I come away feeing like a fool and they go away looking like one.

Abbie said...

What's even worse... when they bring their own and do it at the table before everyone is finished. You can thank my future mother-in-law for that one. Ick.

Karena said...

I totalLy understand! Then there is the Person who asks you a question just as you take a bite of food!

Pigtown-Design said...

Bluetooths are a pet peeve of mine. Seriously, are you just that important? I have a friend who keeps hers on all of the time and will all of a sudden start talking randomly. It turns out she's answering a call while I am talking to her in person. She's soon to be an ex-friend if she doesn't knock that off!

Jessie said...

Just. About. Gagged.

Your 'glutton' scenario was hilarious, yet wildly repulsive.

beachbungalow8 said...

jessie, 'repulsive'is the perfect word for this. I get repulsed easily.

Cote de Texas said...

ok - true confessions - 20 years ago - one new years Ben and I went to this Chinese restaurant and got drunk, really drunk - hey its was New Years. All I know is the next morning, we work up, fully clothed on the bed, and in my mouth there was a toothpick stuck between my two front teeth - sticking straight out of my mouth. I had apparently slept like that all night. We can still crack each other up if I put a toothpick in my mouth like that now. for a joke, ok.

J.Covington*Design said...

Bingo - you nailed my pet peeve on the head...can't stand flippant toothpicks! And Bluetooths...

northsidefour said...

Toothpicks, ick. I was offered one once, after a dinner party. They were passed around, in the plastic box. I passed and sadly, was one of the few. We don't make it over for dinner too often anymore.

Blue Muse said...

You are so not alone with your peeves. I didn't think there was much worse than seeing someone shoving a toothpick in their mouth - I was wrong. I was at Las Olas having dinner the other night and this guy at the table next to us started picking his teeth ... with the knife from his place setting!!!!! Shoot me now.

xo Isa

Ivy Lane said...

Blue tooths and cell phones are my greatest peeve when with friends, hubby...anyone at dinner!! I rely on my cell phone for my business, but never have it on while with my friends or family during dinner...OMG..laughing too hard re: tooth picks and the pic in my mind of the man hiking up his pants over the belly.... YIKES!

benson said...

I have never used a toothpick! I carry floss (and a toothbrush) and take a trip to the ladies room or the privacy of my car (making sure no one is around, mind you) to do "my bidness." Pet peeve of mine-seeing obese people ask for MORE bread/butter and consume it at the table next to mine.

beachbungalow8 said...

tooth. pick. the word is just baaad.

mrs. b~ I swear I'm not going to blackmail you! My first thought was, 'hey even folks with pretty homes have areas that are not perfect'

But then I got the feeling that the blog world wasn't ready for us all to air our dirty laundry (so to speak)

I just lost my steam on the idea.

But I adore Spitzmiller for showing us his clean, neatly pressed laundry, wire hangers and all.

g said...

I so dislike things sticking in my ear - maybe it's the way my ear and it's earlobe are built - that I would never wear an in-ear device unless actively working in some kind of job that requires it. Like being an astronaut. Or police dispatcher. or something. But only while on the clock.

I have noticed some people - men, especially, I'm not sure why - wearing bluetooth things while at functions for their kids. Or at social occasions. That strikes me as very odd. What on earth job could you have that would make you need to be accessible while at your child's school play?

It looks like some bizarre earring.

Anonymous said...

See her fork (in the first picture), it's aimed at MrImportantIWearABluetooth's throat.

Guess what the next photo in this series is?
Alison (WI)

a little bird said...

an adorable blog! looking forward to reading more :)

Caroline said...

*sigh* The way many people behave in public is absolutely distressing to me.

Anonymous said...

Her fork (in first pic) is aimed straight at MrImportantIWearABluetooth's throat.

Guess what the next pic in the series is?

Alison (WI)

easy to miss dot com said...

you are sooooooo not alone. but that is a really cute toothpick holder!

thebubbreport said...

How about when you're in the bathroom stall at Target, someone comes in talking on the bluetooth, urinates, flushes, washes hands (hopefully), jabbering away the whole time. Seriously? Give me a break!

I wonder when people will just start having a bluetooth chip implanted in their ears?

If you watch Real Housewives of the O.C. like me, you were probably completely cracked up at Tamra going to etiquette classes, and the resulting "etiquette dinner" she held afterwards.


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