today I am wearing...

Sitting in front of my computer, late night, eating donuts, still in my work-out clothes, I like to peruse fashion blogs.
one of my of my favorites as of late is 'sea of shoes'. this girl {jane} slays me with her design sense. She's, like, 16 or something living with her mom, sister and about 80 thousand dollars worth of shoes in a beautifully done, dallas town house.
She's fearless and masterful at mixing thrifted, new and vintage designer clothes with this insane shoe collection.
Rachel Zoe: be nervous. {and if bravo is smart, they'd be all over this idea.} she often posts, 'what i'm wearing today' in which she notes, the designer and source of each piece in her outfit.
apparently, she throws this sort of thing together to run for chinese food or to go shopping with her mom.
even if you're not into the fashion aspect, her mom's townhouse is fun to see.
the apple falls not far from the tree.
{go check out her blog, it will captivate}
oh, and in case you're wondering, today I'm wearing a puffy ski vest over a billabong t-shirt with some old level 99 jeans. no shoes.
I feel as though I should jump in and note something.
Quite obviously Jane does not have a government subsidized grant for shopping, nor is an after school job affording her $500.00 shoes.
I assume her mother is paying for this.
Should she or her mother be made wrong ? Does this somehow mean she's spoiled? While I don't know her from Adam, I will ask you this; If I have the opportunity and means to surround my children, expose and educate them to fine art,
Why would or should I hold back? If I had a Thibaut that would look great in my daughter's room, than by god, there it will hang.
Fashion is another form of art. It's creative self expression.
Because of her thorough knowledge, and exposure, this girl is already well on her way to being a true force in the fashion/arts industry.
I applaud her mother.


Lynne said…
Mmm, something about this makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. She looks great, but it's not like she worked hard to afford all those shoes...
Anonymous said…
I also adore Jane and her sea of shoes! In fact, she's my hairspiration for 2009... long and loose baby!

Sherry (who's rockin' Old Navy pajamas)
Kate said…
I did not look like that at 16...hell, I don't look like that now.
Courtney said…
if you'd only had the do-rag on it would have set the whole look off to another level. shame on you!

no this girl is insane. and Bravo should get a hold of her so we can see more behind the scenes (er, computer) action!
Jessie said…
I WAS wondering... glad that mystery's solved. ;)

I'm a huge fan of Jane. Did you know that her Mom also blogs as of recently? She posts quite a bit more home design, so I thought you might like!
Anonymous said…
Oh, you DID find this! !
I stumbled this nugget a few days ago, too, and immediately thought of you - her mom has a blog, as well, something like atlantishome (?)
The link is in one of her (Jane's) posts.

Mother/Daughter influence is fascinating.....what is innate, what is taught, what is pure serendipity????

(And what do we consciously defy (!!!) ??? )
Alison (WI)
Blue Muse said…
I'm suddenly feeling very old and way out of fashion ... and 40 is right around the corner. UGH! LOL!

16, you say? That's one styling teenager. Wowie! "Rach" should be nervous, is right!

xo Isa
Karena said…
I think this girl has quite a future! (Even if she is a spoiled brat)
Karena said…
PS I am still in my velour sweats and need to get dressed for work!!
beachbungalow8 said…
lynne, believe me I think we all realize that she's fortunate to have a mother who doesn't mind bank rolling those shoes. But you know, god bless her! why not!

court~ the do rag was on early in the day : ) ha!

allison~ Im excited to hear that her mom's site is up. She also has insane style. I guess she used to own a clothing line and is in the works to relaunch it. I'll have to go see if I can find the link.
Anonymous said…

Just found it:

Alison (WI)
And Kathleen said…
I just discovered Sea of Shoes through LookBook a few weeks ago. While it's easy to be jealous (and a little bitter) of a 16 year old's shoe collection I don't think she ACTS spoiled. She really loves and understands fashion and is never off-the-shelf. I think this girl is going to go places in a few years.
cotedetexas said…
Megan - check out cherryblossomgirl
you will LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!! she's my new fave - the link is on my blog roll.
beachbungalow8 said…
thank you Allison, I'll post it. (and will check it out)

joni, who btw, turned me on to sea of shoes, i'm going to check that one out now....thnx
ABBY said…
i also get pretty floored by her photos on lookbook. inspiring, no doubt. keep it up, jane!

and your description of what you're wearing today? well played. made for a good chuckle. :)
Anonymous said…
She hurts my eyes. What happened to your San Francisco sensibility?
She is fascinating. I think I need to add another resolution to my list for '09 that involves shoes. Buying, wearing, photographing.. whatever. Thanks for the new blog tip.
Happy New Year!
Beth said…
i'm resigned in knowing that i will never be this cool. but it's deliciously fun to look at :)
hforhannah said…
This reminds me of the UK site Style Bubble, a little more quirky but the same idea, pics of her on her balcony.
Tracy Elaine said…
I think it's okay to give a 16yr old with expensive things so long as you also teach her how to survive in the world and eventually pay her own way. In this case it seems like she is being set up to have an amazing career in fashion. I can't argue with that.
Glennis said…
OK, I'm going there....but I think I'd admire her much more if she were showing us her own designs...

And does it mean I'm old when my first reaction is to think Who wears shoes like that in real life????

And I am a shoe freak.
Project Ecoart said…
I concur with Courtney...this is a Bravo reality show in the making!
#41x14 said…
that's so cute - she wore her latest outfit to the orthodontist!

i can see the great detail taken to curating a fine collection of wearable art... she's making high fashion see down to earth, even shopping on ebay and thrift shops!

fascinating, makes me reflect on what i discipline myself on becoming an expert at...


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