altered states


"The States is an ongoing personal project meant to be an exploration of form. The rules are simple: take the silhouette of a US state, and fit something inside of it."

~illustrator Frank Chimero.

while the images used don't always reflect the culture of each state, Chimero likes to throw in a little visual reference here and there.
he also makes really cool gig and inspirational posters among other great prints, like this one:
to see if your state made the cut or to buy a print *go here*


Karena said…
Megan how groovy! Fun, fun, fun. I love the imagination of this artist.
Rachel said…
These are pretty cute - I especially like the Idaho one: the truck full of potatoes!!
caro said…
So nice and interesting here at your blog. I love all your posts. see you soon ;-)
I love this artwork. What a great addition to any home in photo gallery setting. I love all of your finds!
coco+kelley said…
these are so fun! love the california and idaho ones... they're both perfectly fitting. (i mean, how many cali people do you know who swear they don't smoke, but SO do!? or maybe that's just LA...)

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