the birds and the trees

So what if I live in a place of perennial green, flowering goodness. Every year at this time, my coming out of hibernation unfurling begins. It rolls over, shifts, throws a leg over the covers and makes little stirring noises. 'Spring is here' it says, 'wake up!' It's something that must be inherent when you spend your formative years in places long and cold in winter.
Right about now, I'm drawn to all things, twiggy and floral. Lovely delicate illustrations of birds and bees and botanical prints. If I had a forsythia bush, or a cherry blossom tree, now would be the time that I'd clip a few leggy branches and bring them into the house.
Can you even stand how perfect the Prouve´ chest is against this wallpaper? above photo, barrie benson design as photographed by, laura ressen for domino
above images from de gournay
Mrs. Blanding's photos from the NY Winter Antiques show, feature this incredible ornithologically themed booth {read more on Mrs. Blanding's blog}.:
elle shushan's booth designed by ralph harvard
Walls washed in buttery yellows or sofas swathed in grassy greens {as seen over at stylecourt}
Michel Arnaud, courtesy Southern Accents.
even if only used on a single chair in a room I'm game {from Kristen Buckingham}
without committing fully to all things birds and bees, I'm thinking I may need just a touch here and there.
these, Victorian Bristol glass vases are beautiful {from Windsor Smith home}. I love, love the rosy pink back ground for all of those earthy, muddy tones.
you can find pieces of Bristol Glass on ebay for less than $50.00 {check out those hand painted little white 'dot' detailing}
this one is questionable 'Bristol Glass' but still really beautiful.
So what if the bougainvillea branches rake at my window, and then sun keeps shining it's perpetual, toothy, cheerleader's let a girl pretend that she's been cooped up inside for the past few months, if only so that she can rejoice in all things spring.


I love anything botanical as well. Spring is on it's way...
I love birds. Gorgeous post. I've been dying to get an antique cage and buy some sweet little canarys, but I fear they'd 'tweet' too much!
And by the way, we are starting to hear the birds singing outside..could Spring be on the way for Canada?
LindsB said…
While I love the winter and living in the cold here in Boston, this post is making me want Spring to come soon. I LOVE that yellow wall paper, it is beautiful!!
Those Bristol glass vases are pure fantasy! I see clearly all the flowers I want to place inside them.
Lovely post as we await Springtime!!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Something makes me want to make lamps out of those vases. Criminal?
annechovie said…
I understand what you're saying, Megan. Even though, like you, I live near the beach where we have no "real" Winter, there is a certain joy of Spring arriving, that is a throwback to growing up in a harsher climate. I still love to see things get greener, the spring clothes come out in stores and warmer water temps. Love your bird photos and the de Gournay papers.
Visual Vamp said…
Tweet tweet - a little bird told me this is brilliant! And he was right!
Just loving the last few posts!
xo xo
maison21 said…
i'm so with you! i like the concept so much, i scanned a piece of leftover wallpaper from this blog post for my new customized ATM card. super gay, but what the hell...
Mango Gal said…
Amazing images! I love how whimsical these papers make a room feel.
coco+kelley said…
i never ever thought i'd love floral ANYTHING, but lately, i just can't get enough! and you're right, the prouve chest is absolutely perfect against that wallpaper.
Rose Campion said…
I couldn't help myself. I bought one of those vases on eBay. Not the one I really wanted, because the auction got a little rich for my blood. But I think I'll be really happy with the one I did get.

I love things with flowers and birds on them and am longing for Spring too.

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