the future perfect

All week I've been trying to stave off the grippe. Not happening, my drippy nosed head is telling me.
In my benedryl fogged haze I'm forcing myself to sit, quietly and do a little lap-top window shopping at, the aptly named: 'The future perfect' ~which carries, great tongue in cheek chic design.
this one's already making my nose itch. could they also make fur tumbleweeds for the corners of the room? that would be great. thanks.
'freck specs'~$600.00
face 'jury' {btw, I was told this is the real way to pronounce 'jewelry'} for all of us freckle-less faces who always wished for nature's sprinklin's.
'three sixty table' ~ $1795.00
good ollie, this is awesome.
'graffiti pillow'~$175.00
graffiti needle pointed pillow. wow. I do so love this. It's granny tagger street chic, mon dieu.
'new york delft'~ $100.00
is new york the new amsterdam? hmmm.
'london toile' wallpapers~$242.00 a roll
my sister can't live with toile~ as our dentist's office, growing up was plastered in it. I, on the other hand, will never tire of the detail patterny-pattern busy-ness of it. I also, love most timorous beasties wallpaper.
'frutti di mare etched crystal'~ $298.00/pair
I love a good frutti de mare themed table top piece {beats that tired old coral motif}
'franky tattoo cutlery'~$960.00 six person set sleeve your flatware, kid.
it's like kirk repose´ for the inked crowd. beautiful and modern
happy friday, I need to go take another benedryl and dream of my future perfect.


Amy said…
The dishes are awesome - but the dusty table? That would drive me insane...
custardbydesign said…
hi - wow - that dusty table is so would look great in a boutiique hotel or a clinical space for a punch of charachter and cheekiness....
Pigtown-Design said…
did you see the "historically inaccurate" toiles i just wrote about? they're hilarious!!!
maison21 said…
"fur tumbleweeds"- around here, i call them "fur bunnies" and name them. they become like extra members of the family.

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