right now...

i'm jonzing for a warm summer's night and one of those impromptu dinner parties,
the kind where your guests show up on bikes, wearing flip flops, sandy legs and expectations off.
"liberty london" for daisy hill sue fisher king
you know, a casual, 'we were out riding bikes on this glorious warm evening, and thought we'd pop by. See what's shakin' scenic dinnerware
$16.00 a pop
you take a quick spin to the market, grab a few things for the grill, bread, a couple bottles of wine...
rattan charger, sur la table
4 for $40
pull together a table and grab a few extra chairs... william yeoward ,'fern' goblet a bit more than $40 *here*
alain st joanis flatware
sue fisher king
sit late into the evening with easy conversation....
yes, I'm jonzing for sure.
The most perfect pre-dinner, summer cocktail:
I'm not much of a mixed cocktail gal, but this drink was introduced to me by my friend holly, and it's delish. St germain, is a liqueur made from elderflower blossoms {how can anything that tastes like a flower be bad?}


Invite me to this impromptu party!? I love nothing more than an impromptu summer party... this makes me long for summer!!
Blue Muse said…
It all sounds perfectly fabulous to me! I'm on my way! I want an elderflower blossom cocktail! Too bad you really don't live within biking distance - I think we'd make fun neighbors!
xo Isa
The Rauths said…
that is the best cocktail out there!
Meg said…
Ahh! I want to crash and come too!!! Gorgeous! That cocktail has made me thirsty!! ;)
That sounds just about right!! Nothing better than a spur-of-the-moment party with some friends to kick off the summer, oh and those sparkling cocktails don't hurt either.
Rachel said…
Yeah, this totally makes me long for summer!!! That cocktail sounds delicious!
But, can I bring a cold pitcher of margaritas?? So refreshing on a hot day!
Richie Designs said…
st. germain and diet squirt is AMAZING
a splash of cranberry doesn't hurt things either
Rosie Campbell said…
I have always loved your blog. I'm ready for spring too. Check out my belts on etsy.


Inspired by bright colors of warm weather and perfect for an impromptu party!
Rosie Campbell said…
I love your blog. I'm ready for warm weather and cocktails on the beach.

Check out my belts etsy.


I'm inspired by color!
God-I'm so there. A little washed out teakwood furniture, miss-matched cushions and chairs....while watching the sunset. Christ, I'm in the depths of winter gray-dom right now in Boston and nothing sounds more heavenly than this gorgeous dinnerware, setting, sand, and sun.

Make it happen, Megan. Snap your fingers and I'm there.
Pigtown-Design said…
May I please join you? I will even bring my own Yeoward glasses!!!
Petit Elefant said…
So, you'd be cool if I showed up on your doorstep right? I'm ready for a summer night myself, it SNOWED today...

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