Monday, February 9, 2009


I'm a little koo-koo for this paper designed by linda barker for graham and brown.
a little bit modern and retro-y all at once. A bit of that oriental femininity thing going on in a big bold strong repeat. a dressing room? a tiny powder room?
The only problem would be, which color way would you choose?
I think this would be my final choice...but then there's that black and white one...hmmm


Mrs. Blandings said...

I thought the black and white for sure until I saw the aqua-ish. It is truly terrif.

LindsB said...

I love the last one, I want it for my closet. It would make getting dressed for work in the morning so much more fun!

kate (pm) said...

This is the one used a couple of times on Top Design 2, right? In Kelly's apt and then in one of the final townhouses... Ondine's I think. I noticed it used in the background of a cell phone commercial. I forget which one, but it's still airing. It's behind the teen daughter.

I love it, too.

Mango Gal said...

So pretty! I love the black and white one too.

beachbungalow8 said...

P- I know that celadon is so dreamy and calming

kate- I had to go do a little research on that top design reference. you're so right. good scouting

D said...

I love the black and white one. It would be so versatile.

Anonymous said...

Do you keep a surfboard next to your desk?

beachbungalow8 said...

figuratively? for the internet? or literally, just to remind myself that I have a shoreline lapping 3 blocks away?

no, on both cases. It hangs in my garage.

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall said...

Love Graham and Brown, they have some great designs!

Joslyn said...

oooh i've been wanting to wallpaper the inside of my closet...crazy??? maybe this is the thing. the last is definitely my fave.

Ms. CHIC said...

I love the wallpaper! I am currently on the search for a Damask print for my closet. Let me know if you have any suggestions. xo

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