:: tina barney ::

the young lady
jill and polly in the bathroom, 1987
the red sheath, 2001
the two friends
Allison Sarofim
the orange room, 2001
the daughters, 2002
the ancestor, 2001
Tina Barney began photographing what she knew; friends and family going about their daily lives in affluent areas of New England.
Working with a large-format, 8-by-10-view camera Barney is able to capture details and nuances of her sitters banal day-to-day goings on while never losing the richness and complexities of their surroundings.
The final product is produced on enormous, 4 by 5 foot prints.
Her work is almost like a 20th century, John Singer Sargent. When you see one of her pieces, it's as if you could climb up into the photograph and be in the room with the subjects. The colors are so rich and the details so precise.
There's a great, Tina Barney documentary on Sundance called, 'Social Studies'.
I highly recommend.


Love Tina Barney's work. I went to a retropsective last year in Atlanta and became a huge fan. I love imagining what the story is behind each portrait. I have seen part of the documentary, but need to watch the rest.
soodie :: said…
love this photographer. love love 'jill and polly'. does transport me back to a time of dippity doo, hot rollers, monogrammed sweaters with peter pan collars, kilt skirts, argyle socks, tassel loafers and bartles & james wine coolers.
Karena said…
Wonderful photography! Thank you for sharing Megan. Yes, Soodie it does really bring back memories.
annechovie said…
Hi Megan~
Thanks for the link to the documentary. I saw Tina's work a while back and loved it and can't wait to see the video. Thanks so much for the post.
...love Maegan said…
I watched a documentary on this photographer ...brilliant.
Homeworks said…
I can't wait to see the documentary. Seeing these prints full size must be quite dramatic and contemplative at the same time. Great stuff!
Anonymous said…
uh, just so you know. The first photograph you show is Larry Sultan - not Tina Barney. It is from his book "Pictures From Home"(c.1992)and is one of his most famous photographs.
Visual Vamp said…
Love these. You always find such good stuff.
xo xo
tinkalicious said…
WOW, I thought I had seen the ult in candid photogs. These are something else, the vibrancy of the colors is mind boggling, I would love to know what camera and photog process(es) were used. I love them!

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