valentines from the heart

The other day, while standing in line at Von's my daughter grabbed a box of Valentine's. Dogs with computer manipulated over sized Keane-like heads and eyes, that if you moved the right way, would get even bigger.
More creepy than cute.
Never one to take the road of least resistance, I insisted we make our own {oh I saw the best idea on-line, trust me it will be great}
*felt fortune cookies. I know, I haven't any idea what, cookies that have been falsely attributed to the Chinese culture, have to do with a Hallmark invented holiday. But, they sure look darn cute.
and when your mom is that excited about your valentines, you sort of have to stand back and let her wind up. The whole process was easy-peasy, and this year, the two girls were able and willing to partake.
I saw this idea on petit elefant blog~thank you!
My older daughter at one point asked, 'do you think people are just going to throw these away?' um. probably, but it's all about the creating process
the directions are here at martha's website I chose to use pipe cleaners and a glue gun {we like instant satisfaction around here}
If all of that sounds like too much, the above idea was posted on black*eiffel really cute and customizable to your hears content. happy valentine's day
*You can't really put candy in these. I ended up buying glassine bags to hold the fortune cookie plus a few chocolate candies, tying it off with a black and white polka dot ribbon.


Mrs. Blandings said…
Absolutely adorable. I, of course, went for the Nerds with the "to" and "from" printed on the box.
Tricia said…
Love the fortune cookie idea! Did you find that the candy stayed inside?
The fortune cookies are brilliant...good find!
Visual Vamp said…
OMG I am saving this and doing those fortune cookies for my next Chinese New Years dinner party!!!!
xo xo
Karena said…
Darling ideas!! Thanks for sharing Megan!
avagdro said…
Thank you Megan,So cute collections.Adorable.Wish you n all a great joyful valentine's day.

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Cheryll said…
I love the red fortune cookies! It really is perfect for valentines. I love your blog! I am a frustrated interior designer
.. still a student. I just want you to know that I love your site.
Marie said…
Those fortune cookie hearts are too cute! Thanks for sharing.
Gini said…
Absolutely...FANTASTIC. Love the fortune cookies for sure!!!!
Annie Empiric said…
I could have used those fortune cookies during my 6+ years as a nanny forever running out of valentines ideas! No kids of our my own yet but this is worth book marking to use in years to come. Thank you!
Becky said…
Love those fortune cookies!
Rose Campion said…
Both of those Valentines are really adorable, both the fortune cookies and the brown paper ones.
Pearl Maple said…
Fortune cookies are the cutest thing !

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