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I've said it before, and I'll admit it again, I'm one of those that walks the dogs at night, glancing into homes from my sidewalk perspective. Nothing creepy, I just like to see what's going on in there, paint-wise, art-wise, furnishing-wise...It's always fun to see how other's approach their living environment. I'm nosy. I like to know.
Recently a friend of mine and his wife decided to put their beautiful New York city loft on the market. I had caught glimpses of the space in the backgrounds of kid-photos shared via email and facebook, so I knew that their home was one of skilled and brave color usage, great furniture, lovely art and the bones of a vintage loft to house it all.
But until I saw those glimpses in their full context, I hadn't realized (well,two things) 1. how really beautiful their home was in its entirety and 2. how much I still dream of living in a cool industrial NYC loft.
come along...let's spy....
The loft itself is housed in this beautiful 1916, factory building { we don't find many of these at the beach~it's hard for me not to add 'exotic' to that description }
I think what's pretty amazing about this loft, is that it's not a ton of square footage, but it feels spacious. A family of four can live stylishly and everyone can have their own space because of the lay out. {how about those windows~ an outstanding feature}
of course it helps that the couple has discerning taste {jean prouve´dining table above~love.}
The open floor plan accommodates living room, dining room and kitchen all in one space.
having a built in desk shelving system is key to this sort of living. instant office while mainting a beautiful place to entertain
{I just keep thinking, do their kids ride their tricycles like mad all over this place? If I were five, I totally would}
Like the rest of the loft, the master has a distinct, urban modern feel. I love the idea of bringing in a blue the color of a bright summer sky, as a backdrop to it all.
So much great color and fabulous poster art in the kids' room.{I'm told that most of the furnishings are from ikea- here's to not breaking the bank when it come to designing a cute, functional kid space}
Speaking of great poster art, I'm in total hearts over this gallery powder rooom.
What better way is there treat a small powder room than painting it a dark color and adorning it with, salon-style, hung art. These two are fortunate enough to have some fantastic work. My favorite may well be the ode to Bill Murray that hangs above the 'comode'
Thank you, C & G, for letting the blog world come in and satiate our voyeuristic hunger for a great pad, tricked out with all kinds of beautiful ideas.


Abby said…
I totally wait until it's just getting dark out to walk the dogs/stalk the neighbors decor through their windows!

Btw, I'm swooning over the light fixtures and glass front cabinets in this kitchen and the blue wall color in the bathroom.
Anonymous said…
Wow! thanks for the peak inside. I have to admit I'd love a loft...Maybe one day.
this vignette said…
Beautiful. We considered buying this building a few years ago. Love the powder room. Oh the idea of having two bathrooms! Luxury!!
The Bean said…
The UES is the best for design voyeurism because they have the most intricate moldings & ceilings and you can get a great view from the street level. Glad to hear that others share my sickness!
I like you love getting a sneak peak into other people's home. I live about 40 mins away from NYC and one of my favorite parts of coming home at night is the car ride back, because I get to sneak a peek into apts. I wish I could just go door to door and ask for a look.

What a beautiful apt that they are selling. I too love that bathroom. I love dark colors in small spaces like a powder room. I painted my bathroom a glossy black and I love it.
*moggit girls said…
We love peeking through windows too - 'cept its always hard with a loft! lol Thanks for the peek...

Joy and Janet
Ivy Lane said…
That loft is awesome! I love the colors, the art, the floor plan! Is that master bath tub really long or is the picture messed up? If it is long like it..I would miss my garden though!
Karena said…
Megan, I love seeing the lights on in homes in the evening and yes, taking just a peek, and wondering about the rest, and the owners lives!
soodie :: said…
i LOVE the blue colors -- especially in the bathroom. I'll bring a sleeping bag and a book and just live in there -- provided no one would need to use it... (ahem).
Laura said…
Those hanging lamps in the kitchen look nearly identical to the ones that hang in the house in which I grew up! So funny...apparently my parents bought them as salvage pieces from an old factory.
I LOVED this post. I have my own blog and if you look at the posting "A Peeping Thomas" you'll understand why I was giddy when I saw "Virtual Voyeur".

I love your blog and have it on the blog lists on MY blog,

beachbungalow8 said…
thanks gretchen, I'll hop over to your blog right now!

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