178 Garfield

from the bb8 annals of lurking....I was clicking through my bookmarks tonight when I came across the site of, Levenson McDavid Architects their website has a great show of the firms' beautiful work, via their portfolio. I must have looked at it a hundred times before but for some reason,
'178 Garfield' jumped out at me tonight.
When I sat down to write this post, and began mentally, blathering on about old bones, and the juxtaposition of modern and antique, organic and industrial, blah, blah, blah, I had a total sense of deja vu.
Love, love the moulding, the fireplace the soft gray walls. the little row of polaroids {?} lined up on the mantel. {those chandies. not a fan. just a personal thing}
the Morraccan rug, the Bertoias with the wood dining table.
And then I got to the gray bedroom. That insanely devine gray bedroom.
I stopped.
Wait, a second. Is it? Go back to the yellow sofa shot.
oh yes. This is that home featured on the cover of one of domino's last issues.
Of course, with domino's website 'expired' I had no way of confirming {although could you forget those parquet floors in the bathroom? }. So with a bit of stellar sleuthing {i.e. looking through a couple of back issues I have stacked on my shelf next to me}
I confirmed, it is indeed the home of J. Crew, Creative Director, Jenna Lyons Mazeau. So my apologie if you've seen this a thousand times over. But it's still a completely divine little mixture of all things fabulous with a helping of 'old house lovin'' thrown in for good measure.
"A townhouse gut renovation retained the historic 19th Century detail, yet introduced modern conveniences such as high-efficiency central heating/air-conditioning while giving expression to the sensibilities of this fashion designer/sculptor couple and their young son."
Levenson McDavid Architects
to see domino's photos go here


Sarah's Fab Day said…
I love that we get to see it again from a different perspective. Totally not sick of this house!
Anonymous said…
A. I have every single issue of Domino if you ever need me to check on something.

2. I strongly desire style like this in my home.

D. I decided today (before I read this post) that I need you to do the interior design on my new home.

4. By new home, I mean current home that I will buy and hire Tim Nichols to add onto and make it freaking awesome. Hopefully sooner than later.

Anonymous said…
7. That kitchen is way too small, why is the island in the middle of BFE. Otherwise I love it.
Ecotruism said…
Yes! That house was one of my favorites that Domino (sniffle*) featured! I loved the bedroom and bathroom the most . . .so romantic.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Adore the kitchen - really loving the idea of black cabinets.
beachbungalow8 said…
ok, miss jennie, let's get to work! You know I love your choices thus far- We just need to pull it all together.

mrs. b ,I'm so attracted to the dark cabinetry too. I think in a backlash from all of the white, subway tiled, farm kitchen sinks of recent years (albiet a beautiful look) I'm all about the dark kitchen.
beachbungalow8 said…

My guess is two fold, the kitchen is small due to the age of the house. The integrity of space was a huge consideration when they re did this space.

and the other guess, When you live in a city (especially NYC) you tend to eat out more than in.

I remember that cover! And these seem to be more photos than I remember seeing in Domino for sure. I love that kitchen nook.
LindsB said…
Love this house! I remember it on Domino, but this is such a different look at the house. Its still as beautiful as ever.
Mango Gal said…
Such an amazing house! How can anyone forget that bathroom!
Sinead said…
Loved it the first time I saw it, love it still. When the photos ran in Domino, I decided to paint my living room gray.
Sadly, that's the only thing my home will ever have in common with Ms. Lyons-Mazeau's.

Sigh. . .
the last shot in this post.......love it.
i would love my kitch. to have that very sun-room , with exactly the same framed out entrance to it.

great blog, it is my 1st visit-
Libby said…
How could I have missed this!!!! I've never seen this house before and it is so gorgeous! I am dying over that bedroom and bathroom! To live there must be a dream!

katherine said…
wow--as much as i love domino, i love these photos of this home even more. it has a much more open feel than i realized. after seeing these and the sneak peaks on design*sponge this morning, it's settled. charcoal grey bedroom this weekend. gorgeous.
Richie Designs said…
I heart this house so much, I letterpressed my upcoming bday invite to reflect. Well actually I've been obsessed with gray and yellow for a while but it makes a good story no?

some crappy photos up at the moment but you can see it over on the blog.

I kinda took Domino's "can this outfit be turned into a room" and made it "can this room be turned into an invite" hehe
columnist said…
I agree with you about the chandeliers. The room is "way" too smal, anyway. The rest of the house is pretty - it's very reminiscent of a London Victorian terraced house, such as those in Chelsea, but I suspect not?
My Notting Hill said…
Love the bay window in the last picture!

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