beauty in bloom

I've always admired artists who can sit in a coffee shop, filling their little moleskin books {pronounced 'Mo-leh-skeen-eh'~ much more lyrical than MOLE SKIN, right?} with pen and ink drawings of their musings, angst and soul baring thoughts.
I tried once and ended up doodling pictures of food and shoes of other patrons {really deep stuff} beauty in bloom is the scrap book collection, of all things, bloom cosmetics creator, natalie bloom has big hearts for.
what makes me want to see more?
the beautiful illustrations by artist, rebecca wetzler.


Claire said…
Awesome! Wish I could draw like that =)
Karena said…
Oh, no, more fabulous illustrations. I do have my journal, colored pencils by Prismacolor, and Conte' Crayons/ Pastels at work, so in my little spare time I can draw. Painting is for home, or open studio.
Style Court said…
Megan -- loving the illustrations you've been highlighting. Happy weekend.
Annie Edelman said…
Thanks for posting these fabulously whimsy Bloom illustrations. They make you feel soooooooooo light and free.
Valerie said…
I love this !!! It is fabulous!!

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